Monday, September 26, 2005


Attawie is not really my name. It's just a nickname that I used to call myself when I was about 2 years old. My name is Resha and the nickname is supposed to mbe "rashawi". As a child, I couldn't pronounce most of the sounds my name is made of. I couldn't pronounce the /r/. It was a problem. And what else!! the sh sound too. So, I used to say atawi.
As a teenager, and being a member of a group named "Taboo", I was a big fan of the BSB ( Backstreet boys). I liked the band and admired "Hawie". So.. i started to spell my nickname as "attawie" as "hawie" and would link the 2 T's as H.
It's really funny how teenagers think. I am really known as attawie for all of my life and most of my family members know the nickname but I think no one knows why I spell it this way. I really forget sometimes why I spell it this way but now I don't think so.
Attawie is really stuck on me but I don't mind it. It reminds me of my childhood which was a happy one. And reminds me that I was a spoiled child.
This is way my blog is titled "attawie".


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