Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What is Adam without Eve?

What is Adam without Eve?
A new year with no eve.

He's a star with no light,
A day with no night;

A groom with no bride.
A prince with no pride.

He fights to get her;
And pretend to neglect her.

He's a child with no mother;
Romeo with no lover.

He's a king with no kingdom.
An old man with no wisdom.

He's a fish out of water.
A court with no order.

He's a solder without a sword.
A poem without a word.

That's Man without Woman.
8th. Sep, 2005

This is the latest thing I wrote this month. I didn't think about it that much but the problem was in the last couplet. I didn't know what to add so I'll let it open until I find a line that would fit.


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