Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Planting New Flowers - Hyacinthus

That's all for now

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Blogger David said...

Hi Attawie,

So many beautiful flowers! :D

I have heard of hyacinths, but I didn't know what they looked like. The green leaf parts seem similar to orchid leaves.

We have many colors of tulips blooming around Indianapolis now. But, few are as nice as yours. :) Most of the ones I see around here are just one color. The tulips shown in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pictures are especially attractive to me.

Your rose is pretty too. I have always liked roses, their appearance and their fragrance. When I was a child we sometimes went to a very nice botanical garden in Alabama. They had many areas planted with roses there. I used to love to run from bush to bush smelling the flowers. :)

It sounds like Khalid deserves some of the credit for your gardening success. He may not like to garden, but he is helping in his own way. I'm glad he is encouraging your creativity.

I would suggest that you let KJ jr help in the garden. There have been medical studies here that suggest that children who are allowed to play outside and get their hands dirty develop stronger immune systems than children who are not allowed to play outside. When I was a kid, I used to play outside all the time and I got very dirty. ;) Maybe you could get him a tiny set of farmers clothes to wear in the garden. :)

The Hello Spring pictures are interesting. The purple things on the ground look like petals from a flowering tree. Is that what they are? I like the first picture with the rolling hills in the background. We don't have anything like that in Indianapolis, but I have seen similar vistas in Arizona and New Mexico.

Thanks for all the nice pictures! :)

Before I close, I'd like to mention a technical problem with loading your blog that has been going on for at least several months. It only loads part way and then it shifts to a different web site:

and then:

Its not just my computer doing this. The same thing happens when I use the public library computers.

The shift happens shortly after the Cbox loads. I'm wondering if a virus hacked your blog's html code? If so, you may be able to edit this out if you can find it. I used to edit the html code of my blog. Its not hard to scan your blog's code line by line.

I'm curious, when you load your blog on your computer, does it shift to this other website? If not, then I am very puzzled!

Anyway, I can still read your blog, but I have to stop its loading before the shift happens. To see pictures, I have to load them individually.

4/30/2016 8:59 AM  

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