Monday, November 27, 2006

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It has been so long since I wrote something. I don't mean on the blog but writing in general. It's been so long since I wrote a poem, a short story or even a thought. I had nothing going on to write about personally and I believed the news on TV, newspapers, websites and the whole media system are covering everything on the planet. With every piece of news there are "pro" people and "anti". Iraqi bloggers are covering almost everything even my own thoughts.

I had thoughts of quitting the blogging thing. It's not that I'm a famous blogger who has my own audience (with my respects to those who read me, especially the big fan in Alaska, I've been wondering for so long who could it be?). And I don't think what I write would make a big difference. But the idea of making this tiny difference may help my wounded country made me change my mind.
I started blogging just to write my thoughts and share them with others and it is a simple way to let the world know that Iraqis are just like any other human being on earth and what is going on in Iraq is unfair.

The only thing I wrote these passing days were flashbacks and everyday events stuck in my mind from pre- and post-war life. Because October 18th was the day I left Baghdad three years ago. I put these flashes and other ordinary stories in a framework of short stories that I intend to finish. I don't know when and I'm not in a hurry. I just want to sketch the right images.

In addition to all the reasons above, yesterday I received a long distance phoncall from one of my best friends G. she was updating me with her news which the SMSs couldn't convey and she asked me to write more often because she missed my posts. And she wants to know all about my study and compare it with the days we had at collage.

I'm glad to say it has been a year and two months since I started this blog. Though I had an idea of dedicating a post for this occasion but I'm glad to dedicate all my writings to all my friends, those who are away from me and those I met in the blogsphere, and I promise to be a more regular writer.

To Mary. Thanks for your sweet e-mail. I will be soon posting some clips from my diary about my journey to Jordan and Iraqi bloggers meetings.

Greetings for all


Blogger alhakak said...


This post was very touching and I feel exactly how you feel. It seems like anything that we can do to help heal Iraq is so significant. I encourage you to keep on writing and talking to Iraq and other things to people. From my own experience of talking to Americans over here I know that I have made a difference in their minds about what Iraqis are like. Its better to have an Iraqi represent Iraq than Fox or CNN news.

Keep it up....

By the way... I am working on a poster series about Iraq. Check my blog to take a look. I would be interested in any feedback.

11/27/2006 6:59 PM  
Blogger aNarki-13 said...

C'mon sis, its ok, we all get this feeling from time to time, i know i do! if you want, take a break, write somewhere else (like on our mailing group on google ;p )

oh and by the way, "Pay it forward" is also one of MY best movies ever!
too bad its not so widely known, right?
Salam to S and everyone! take care now! and hope to see you soon ok?

cheer up! smile!

11/28/2006 4:58 PM  
Blogger David said...

Attawie, I didn't know that you wrote poems and short stories. I would like to read some of your creative writing. Would you consider posting some of it sometime?

You and other bloggers have certainly made a difference for me. I have learned a lot about other countries through reading blogs and I have made some new friends. I couldn't agree with you more in thinking that all people, regardless of what country they live in, are basically the same. Sure there are cultural differences, but all people have the same basic needs, wants, aspirations, and desires. People need to recognize the common humanity in all others. I hope some day this will be be possible.

Congratulations on passing the one year mark for your blog!

11/28/2006 9:41 PM  

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