Monday, December 10, 2007

No Kidding!

Anyone feeling down? No one? How about stupid? The joke of the season just happened. I went to my terminal exam, the class was empty. I checked the time table for exam and the exam was on Dec 17th ??? it was a shock for me. My group and I we had this conversation about no need to have the exam too late. And that we finished the portion and we are all ready to take the exam. We confirmed everything with the prof. and it was taken care of everything. What happened? No idea. Why I didn’t receive any msg or e-mail about the reschedule? No idea.

I was so ready for the exam that I just want to finish and have a nice early Eid and Christmas break. Anyways, at least I got the chance to post something.

Another thing, I broke one of my finest ceramic works today by mistake. Everyone told me it was “an eye” (someone envied me). I didn’t feel so bad for the first time, not because I didn’t care but because I remembered one of my mentor’s words “Don’t say this work is done unless you put it for exhibition”.

December is here and the year is saying goodbye. I want to check my list for this year and how far I accomplished. I don’t see much done other than finishing one year of my study (the on-campus part). So many firsts but I didn’t go under the sea nor jumped with a parachute.

That’s it for now. Will write you later.

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Blogger David said...

Well, I do feel down sometimes, but not today. ;) Sorry to hear that your exam got postponed. When I was in school, I spent a lot of time preparing for big tests. I would have been rather ticked off if an exam had just been postponed without any notice. Perhaps your teacher had an emergency and had to take some time off? So you went to the exam room and no one was there? I wonder, how come you are the only student who didn't know the exam was postponed?

That's too bad about your ceramic work. I know how you feel. I have had lots of little accidents. Usually, I can just fix what got broken. Thinking about your mentor's words, is there a way that you can turn this misfortune into something good? Perhaps there is a way to create a new work of art out of the broken pieces? Maybe there can be some new meaning found in some arrangement of the broken parts? Just a thought. Well, even if you can't turn this disadvantage into an advantage, you are a very talented sculptor. I am certain that you will create even better and more wonderful works in the future! :)

I never went under the sea (I swam near the shore in the ocean as a kid, though :) ) or jumped with a parachute either. I had a friend in college who liked to scuba dive. She tried to get me interested. Well, I was interested, but I have a physical problem. When I dive deeper than 8 or 10 feet under water, my ears really hurt. She said that I had to learn how to clear my ear passages (the eustachian tubes). However, I said that I had tried that many times and it just didn't work. I used to love to watch The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau when I was a kid and I really did want to dive in the ocean. Maybe some day I can do it.

One of my cousins likes to sky dive. He has been parachuting for years. I'm not sure that I want to try it. Maybe I just like to have my feet on the ground. ;) Well, with the right encouragement, perhaps I could do it.

I admire your ability to do so many new things Attawie!

12/11/2007 11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eid mubarak!

12/20/2007 1:45 AM  

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