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Busy their Minds, Waste their Lives

I was watching "Taken" the other day when I thought what a nightmare would it be for children to believe there are aliens and some flying saucers out there who want to get them. My worst nightmare was about a crocodile swimming in the schoolyard, which nearly became a lake for a while because of a broken pipe back then. My friend and I would be sitting on a huge tree trunk (there were two huge trees that fell during the 1991 war and nobody removed them. They ended up to be our spaceship when we played Space raiders. That crocodile would approach us quietly; opens its jaws to reveal the sharp teeth…and I would wake up shaking.

Other than that nightmare, I had a fright from the tiger Sheri Khan, which came to my imagination from The Jungle Book. My worst fear was that he would come to my bed and take me. How would he reach the eighth floor? How would he enter our apartment? How would he take me? I never wondered. I used to sleep near the wall and leave the other side of the bed empty.

Away from the reoccurring dreams about escaping and running under a sky full of missiles and the horrifying sounds of regular shelling and bombing, which were the background music to our mothers' lullabies. As an Iraqi child, I had a normal childhood.

Thinking of spaceships and strangers from another planet would freak the hell out of any child, and would occupy the mind of any adult, if there were any real evidence of their existence.

But let’s say we had brothers and sisters on other planets and we were happy to contact them. Spending zillions of dollars to invade planets to contact the "brothers and sisters" up there and tell them we like to be "Friends". If we want to know those "aliens" and be acquainted with; why not spending only time, not that millions, and try to understand and be acquainted with the "brothers and sisters" who already exist on the same planet? Why not find peace on earth, instead of searching for "out spacers" and try to play "peace" with them?

I find it easy to understand that the US administration wanted to keep it’s citizens busy with flying saucers at that time, as much as Occupiers and the new Iraqi administration wanted to busy "most Iraqis" with slapping their faces and hitting their heads with blades, or jab themselves with made in UK shackles. It is another version of the same story, to distract masses of what is really happening on the land of reality.

First of all, they would be busy preparing for the event, whether the tools or food and what to wear. Add to it the rehearsals for the whole ceremony. Second, they would be busy during the ceremony. Third, they would need more than just a couple of days off just to heal from the beating and the bleeding. Four, which I believe the most important point, is the number of irreplaceable cerebral cells, which are being damaged during such a behavior.
They are 12 Imams, the 12 are dead, and each Imam’s death took place in a month, therefore 12 times a year. That’s the minimum!

I am still wondering how could self-punishment or self inflicted-torture can be self-purification? And purification from what? The slaughters that happened centuries ago? Or even the Original Sin? Or the sins committed now? Does that come from a real religion? If they are believers, do they really think that would make them God's favorite creatures? Do they ever think of God? God forbade tormenting or killing people and even animals. Would He approve self inflicted-torture? I am really interested in these questions to an extent that I’ll take them and study them seriously once I have time.

To sum it all, I don't blame the ignorant but I'm blaming hypocrites who claim to be religious men and lead those ignorant to waste their time and life.

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Blogger David said...

I have not seen Taken. I don't know anything about it, so i read the Wiki article. Hmmm, interesting, alien-human hybrid babies. Sounds a lot like The X-Files. Did you ever watch X-Files? It sounds like a lot of people get murdered in Taken! I think it would not be very entertaining to me. I like happier stories. :)

I have nightmares too, from time to time. But mostly, scary or not, I dream about people and things that don't exist. Its like the writer of my dreams really likes fiction and fantasy. :) It is interesting that you slept near the wall as a child. I did the same thing. I guess that I felt more protected near the wall. One time though, I kicked the wall really hard while I was asleep. I woke up immediately in a lot of pain! After that, I tried to sleep a bit farther from the wall.

I remember liking The Jungle Book movie as a kid. The movie that gave me some nightmares was Fantasia. In that movie, Mickey Mouse plays the sorcerer's apprentice. He makes the broom do his work with a spell, but something goes terribly wrong. The broom causes a flood and somehow the broom divides into hundreds of brooms. It was really scary! Now that I think about it, maybe it was the music that made me scared. The music was very dark and ominous. If the music had been happy, I might have laughed at all the brooms.

Experiencing bombings as a child must have been very frightening to you! I never had anything like that in my life. Americans are really a very spoiled people. Even the poorest people here have pretty easy lives compared with people in a lot of other countries, especially countries that have known wars on their land.

I have watched a lot of TV shows that interview people who claim they have seen a UFO, or an alien spacecraft. Some of their stories seem very credible. In some cases, dozens or more people saw the same thing at the same time. Well, I haven't seen any real proof myself, but I have an open mind about intelligent beings living on other planets. I think it is possible. I also think some of them may have visited us. However, if they did come here, why didn't they try to talk to us? Maybe they are afraid we will try to blow them up. Unfortunately, they may be right!

You make a good point Attawie. We humans need to try to make peace with each other before we worry about trying to find other beings out in space!

You also have another good point in saying that governments work hard to distract their people. While the people are not looking, the leaders often steal the people's money or even their freedoms.

You ask interesting questions about religions. Your questions show that you are a very intelligent and curious person. When I was 11 or 12 years old, I started asking a lot of philosophically related questions. I didn't so much ask my questions to other people. Rather, I considered what I had been taught, then I looked at the realities of the world and things didn't seem to add up. I came to the conclusion that some things that religions taught were just plain wrong. There are many mysteries in people's lives and far more out in the vast universe. Religions are created to answer questions, or to control human behavior. There are some teachings of religions that are good and that I agree with, but I don't think that any religion has all the right answers.

Some people like to ask others, "Do you believe in God?" A few people have asked me this question. My answer is, "Define God, and I will tell you if I agree with your definition." A lot of people say they believe in God, but the word means entirely different things to different people. Some people believe in many gods, rather than one. Some people worship the spirits of trees, animals, mountains, the sky, and many other things. In my mind, who am I to tell another human being that her/his definition of God or religion is wrong? How can I be sure that my ideas are right? The answer is that I can't be sure.

I try to be a very tolerant person. I think that other people should be allowed to believe anything they want as long as those beliefs do no harm to other people. In this way, I try to be accepting and understanding of as many other human beings as possible. Sadly, in my experience, and with lessons from history, I have found that most people are not willing to be very tolerant of others who do not share their beliefs. Iraq, unfortunately, is a perfect example of this. It is hard for me to comprehend what is happening in Iraq. The differences in belief between Shia and Sunni seem very minor to me, yet tens of thousands of people have been murdered over these minor differences. I think Attawie that this may be what you are talking about when you speak of hypocrisy.

Good post Attawie, you made me think about a lot of things! :)

8/09/2007 12:23 PM  
Blogger David said...

I think I will change my last paragraph above just a bit. When I said "most people are not willing to be very tolerant of others who do not share their beliefs", I was thinking too pessimistically. With respect to Iraq, I have been told over and over by different Iraqi bloggers that before the U.S. invaded, it didn't matter to most Iraqis if their friends were Sunni, Shia, Christian, Jewish, or something else. There was a great deal of tolerance in Iraq for a long time among average Iraqi people. The Asia Cup win by the Iraqi team united all Iraqis, at least for that day. That shows that most Iraqis are still tolerant in their hearts.

8/09/2007 10:08 PM  
Blogger Caesar of Pentra said...

My worst nightmares when I was a kid mainly were about "ابو طبر" = "the Axe man" the most infamous serial killer in Baghdad during the 70s of the previous century. The man was excuted in 1975 but his myth stuck in my ears during my first childhood's years. Ppl kept telling his story whether he was an innocent man or a heartless murderer. I used to figure him (especailly in the dark places) holding his axe intending to rip me into parts. Hehehe, Thank god I'm over that scary thoughts now!

8/26/2007 1:04 AM  
Blogger Kyubai said...

Great post indeed...
"Ignorance is a bliss" u may have heard this phrase some where and I quite agree with it since actually ignorance is a bliss BUT it is a bliss not for the ignorant but rather for a person who is trying to use him. When we were kids with the little knowledge we had we were capable of beliveing anything and as we grow up we start to rely on our knowledge and reason and that is the case of ignorant people they r just like kids so others might direct them in any direction that will benefit them so until we erease ignorance this circle will continue for ever.

9/02/2007 12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone must convert from false Islam to true Christianity. To see the difference simply put the Bible side by side with the Koran on a table in front of you and read the New Pentateuch (Mt. Mk, Lk, Jn, Rv which books contain most of the words of Jesus Christ) comparing it to the Koran. You'll find there is no comparison.

The Christian God is absolute spiritual perfection, and Jesus His only begotten Son is absolute perfection in human form.

Allah, the one who cannot beget, is without life, an inferior idea forced on you by a history of war which continues.

Change your hearts and minds to pursue Jesus and become absolutely perfect like He is. Pursuing Him is the reason the USA is a superior nation. Be smart, join the winning side now. Eventually the entire world will convert.

9/08/2007 9:39 AM  
Anonymous angry christian said...

@ anonymus:

1) Allah and God are the same entity, Islam and Christianity just offer different ways of worshipping Him.

2) That Jesus was the son of God is an "error in translation", though not an accidental one. When the Bible was translated into Greek, the translators used the expression "Son of God" as a concept the ancient Greeks were familiar with to make them understand how near to God Jesus was. This mis-translation somehow became a "fact" in everybody's heads even to the present day.

3) I won't try to list all the reasons why the USA became as powerful as it is today - people have written books on the subject.
Let me just say this: If the reason why the USA got so much power - and thinks it is a superior nation - is the way in which the Christian belief is used and perverted by narrow-minded old men there, then everyone should indeed convert - from Christianity to Islam, or any other belief, for that matter.
What is practiced in large parts of the U.S. today has nothing whatever to do with true Christianity.

So, f*ck off, anonymus. Go bother someone else.

9/21/2007 7:31 PM  

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