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A Farewell Letter - GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ - A Hoax

I receive this email:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez has retired from public life due to health reasons: cancer of the lymph nodes. It seems that it is getting worse. He has sent his farewell letter to his friends, which has been translated and posted on the Internet. Please read and forward to any who might enjoy it. This is possibly, sadly, one of the last gifts to humanity from a true master. This short text, written by one of the most brilliant Latin Americans in recent times, is truly moving.
If for an instant God were to forget that I am a rag doll and gifted me with a piece of life, possibly I wouldn't say all that I think, but rather I would think of all that I say.

I would value things, not for their worth but for what they mean. I would sleep little, dream more, understanding that for each minute we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would walk when others hold back, I would wake when others sleep.

I would listen when others talk, and how I would enjoy a good chocolate ice cream!

If God were to give me a piece of life, I would dress simply, throw myself face first into the sun, baring not only my body but also my soul.

My God, if I had a heart, I would write my hate on ice, and wait for the sun to show.

Over the stars I would paint with a Van Gogh dream a Benedetti poem, and a Serrat song would be the serenade I'd offer to the moon. With my tears I would water roses, to feel the pain of their thorns, and the red kiss of their petals...

My God, if I had a piece of life... I wouldn't let a single day pass without telling the people I love that I love them. I would convince each woman and each man that they are my favorites, and I would live in love with love.

I would show men how very wrong they are to think that they cease to be in love when they grow old, not knowing that they grow old when they cease to be in love!

To a child I shall give wings, but I shall let him learn to fly on his own.

I would teach the old that death does not come with old age, but with forgetting. So much have I learned from you, oh men...

I have learned that everyone wants to live on the peak of the mountain, without knowing that real happiness is in how it is scaled.

I have learned that when a newborn child squeezes for the first time with his tiny fist his father's finger, he has him trapped forever.

I have learned that a man has the right to look down on another only when he has to help the other get to his feet.

From you I have learned so many things, but in truth they won't be of much use, for when I keep them within this suitcase, unhappily shall I be dying.

It was nice to read but I don't know it didn't make sense to me. It could be published with his short story or a biography or something. Anyways. I was searching about GenPet which turned out to be a hoax and . So I liked to search more in the Museum of Hoaxes and I ran across this letter which turned to be a hoax too.

This letter is very well written but why would someone have such a talent write something and claim it for someone else?

That's all for now

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Anonymous Wayne said...

Thank you Dear Atawi. It is a lovely story even if it is not true.

I hope all is going well with you.

Merry Christmas!!!


12/10/2010 4:49 AM  
Anonymous Wayne said...

So sorry I misspelled your name Attawie. I guess I was in to big a hurry.

I love your posts.


12/10/2010 4:52 AM  
Blogger David said...

Glad to see you back Attawie. :)

I agree with you that whoever wrote this hoax has some talent for writing. Maybe the author is frustrated about being unknown or unpublished, so she/he pretended to be a famous writer to get this circulated? Its kind of a shame. Someone with writing talent should apply themselves to the craft, and eventually they will become known under their own name.

I never heard of Genpets. It reminds me of some horror movies I have seen! ;)

12/16/2010 11:23 AM  
Blogger VISA said...

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Best regards

12/26/2010 7:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid from said...

الاخت عطاء والعائلة الكريمة مع الاحترام

ابارك لكم حلول العام الميلادي الجديد اعاده الله عليكم بكل سعادة وهناء ونجاح وحبور

1/01/2011 7:17 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

@ Wayne,
Glad you liked the post. I enjoyed it reading it too. And never mind on misspelling my name :)

@ David,
I agree with you. it is such a shame.
About the Genepet, I know what you mean. it's so creepy.

@ Visa,

@ Mr. Khalid
و انت بخير ان شاء الله .. شكراً على هذه الاماني و لك كلذلك

2/10/2011 12:53 AM  
Blogger apneagr said...

It is a lovely story even if it is not true

7/09/2011 1:27 AM  

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