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Lately I've been busy because I'm exhibiting at Bastakiya Art Fair (BAF). But I'm not talking about arts today. Through a friend I was introduced to a young promising artist and she happened to be exhibiting on the next table. She drove me and R home one day, next day we drove her home and that's how we got the chance to chitchat about life, art and religion. Art Dubai happens to be same weekend with BAF, and there was no way I can make it. I was thinking of Art Bus but it leaves from Jumaira early morning and it's such a trouble for me to get there early after coming home later because of BAF.

While we were chatting we talked about exhibition and how -this year- they all happened to take place during the weekends only and how people in this country are tired that you just want to sleep or sit and do nothing for the weekend. We talked about Art Dubai and the craziness of modern art and then she said "We always attend events about everything and run for art exhibition but we rarely attend inspirational talk about our religion" and she added "I don't want to miss Dubai Peace Convention this year".

Her words rang in my head and I checked the website of the event and told my family about it and it happened that the next day I came home and my mother got this flyer advertising for the event. Next day she came and said that she and her family spent the Friday there and it was very pleasant to see the exhibition.

So we decided to go to the convention and then would drive to Bastakiya. But the plan did not work for the exhibition was not the kind that you would see on the fly nor some of the scholars talk were to be missed. Among them were Yusof Estes, Abdul Raheem Green, and Zakir Naik. So my friend and her family decided to stay, and to tell you the truth that made my day.

Sound speakers were everywhere in the building so people are able to listen to lectures wherever they may be. But when I got into the Salvation exhibition it was very calm. for the first moment I didn't like it. I wanted to listen while I was watching. But little did I know that this exhibition is something else from any exhibition I've ever been to. I would say this is a lifetime event that I wished I could invite everyone to experience. We were there girls but the moment we stepped in we forgot ourselves and each one of us took her own trip into this spectacular exhibition. I wish I can explain how it felt to take this mind opening trip.

The way of presenting the topic was very interesting that makes you want to stay there and meditate for every single word. As you can see in the picture above, there are pictures every couple of steps. Each on showing something along with words. There were moments very overwhelming that you can't help but shedding a tear with a smile on your face. They personalized it that it makes you feel it was designed for you only, espacially when I reached the idea of where were you 10 months before you were born, then the journey before birth, that leads you to a mirror.

I've been searching online to find a presentation or a PDF document to share the experience of the "Salvation international exhibition on Islam" with you but it seems I can't find any. Before I left I asked if there was a CD for the exhibition. They said they have only the book which I already taken. I hope someday such a book will be available for public and not just for those who visit the exhibition.

This is what I found. One is the answer we're looking for (click the line please)

And this is the intro that I found online but it's not the exact intro you found in the installation, but this is a brief idea of the intro. (click the lines please)

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Blogger David said...

Attawie, I am not sure what the meaning of the word "Salvation" is with respect to this exhibition. I have heard some Christians use that word in a rather negative way. I see it as negative because to some Christians, the only way to be a good person is to follow what they are teaching. In the minds of these people, to follow another path through life is to be a bad person. However, I do not mean to suggest that there is anything bad about what you experienced. I am only trying to point out that following different paths can lead to the same destination.

I am glad that you had a positive experience. :) I hope you can take that positive energy and pass it on to others. I believe in the idea of "pay it forward". Perhaps you saw the movie? The movie had a very sad ending, but the central idea was a very good one. Essentially, it is do a kindness for someone else. Your kindness may motivate them to do a kindness in the future to yet another person. We live in a world of interconnection. "No man is an island", is an old saying. We all have an influence on each other.

Take care and good luck with your art exhibition. :)

3/29/2010 10:27 AM  

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