Sunday, March 06, 2011

Update on Iraq's Situation These Days

Since the news are raining over our head from alBaghdadia news channel with no other source of news in Arabic OR English, I decided to spread their words and do further broadcasting to reach more people.

Two Fridays came and people in the Arab world and the rest of the world are clueless regarding what's going on. I don't know what happened to the media regarding Iraq. I know what's going on in Libya is something big but that doesn't mean to overlook other parts of the world.

Therefore, here's the link of al Baghdadia translated by Google Translate. And here are some of the headings:

You can find more on albaghdadia facebook page and the youtube chanel for videos uploaded by them and by eyewitnesses.

That's all for now but...
There's much going on in Iraq

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Anonymous Wayne said...

Dear Attawie,

Thank you for the information. I deeply appreciate it.

I worry so much about all the problems going on all over that part of the world. There is nothing I can do to help except pray for all the innocent people.

3/07/2011 5:23 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

Dear Wayne,
All innocent people around the world, those who face struggles needs your prayers, and maybe just spreading awareness regarding their situation, be it a tyrant ruler, hunger or injustice.

3/07/2011 12:15 PM  

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