Sunday, October 02, 2005


I know I'm still posting old poems and thougths I wrote but I'm just waiting to have time to write. Add to it, I'm still not used to write what's going on on line.

any way. I'm suffering now.
don't panic.. it's just my grandma reading her new novil to dad to edit it.
belive me I love novels, specially nana's, but to hear it and dad around... naaa

I like to read novels alone and there's no harm to talk about it with others.
but to hear this... it's something beyond my ablity.

Nana is writing about a certain woman. this women I'm not sure if it's real or imaginary but nana like to write about what she hear from people. this woman is really suffering.

I don't want to talk about what nana is reading nor dad editing but i'm on line and i don't want to hear. I'm hearing Celin Dion's One Heart.

I have this CD for 2 years and i never thought about hearing it while i'm on line. I'm playing it with realplayer and I have never notice that when the CD is original u can get album info and such things.

anyway.. I'm hearing it because I don't have my CDs here in UAE and it was the only one hear me just to put the headset to get rid of what I'm hearing.
believe it or not.. I'm still hearing nana.

that's it for now..


Blogger Morbid Smile said...

Hey girl, I have a problem accessing my blog!! The page is not loading, and I wonder if you could find my last post "my online copybook" cuz this porblem happened after I published this post!

One heart! I haven't heard this CD yet though I have it long time ago as well ! Now I am listening to some old stuff.. Falling into you album! It's way too old but so cool. In fact I dared someone to memorize it all by heart !

Isn't that crazy.

But is it One Heart?! Do we have to be doomed to stay with no second heart ! Dah

10/02/2005 4:22 PM  

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