Monday, December 11, 2006

Colourful Black* World

No, this is not about a new art course nor a new painting of mine. It's simply about the world I see through my monitor. Yes, I fixed it. My e-world is back colored now.

I look at the colors and wonder if it was that beautiful. I don't know, or it could be my eyes. I they are used to the dim colorless picture.

Anyway, I'm a bit busy these days. I have to study for my mid exams. Three exam; three days in a row. I bought two of the books when the semester started. I could manage to reach what we reached in classes. But the third book "Organizational Behavior" was hard to find.

I was luck today to find it yesterday in Sharjah World Book Fair. I went with my parents with the thought that I must find books about business. I read a lot but nothing related to MBA. I wrote down some names recommended by my lecturer so it would be easy for me to choose some books.

When I got there, I spent about one hour trying to find "OB" and when I found it as if the mission was accomplished. I spent the other two hours with my mother looking for interesting books. We end up buying six novels in English, other two in Arabic and ten English pocket books. And 11 editions of an Arabic magazine "horoof Arabia" (Arabic letters). Back to literature


It is a black world indeed. No matter how colourful the crayons or screens we are using, the stories and the news we read are all black.

A little piece of wisdom of mine :D


Blogger aNarki-13 said...

hmmm.. true true, but, consider this:
without black, we would never know what white is like!

congrats on the monitor, the book, and study well.

best of luck.

12/11/2006 7:37 AM  
Blogger David said...

I think that black can be a metaphor for sadness or sad times. Is that what you mean by the world colored black? I agree that there is a lot of blackness in the world!

I'm glad you found the book you were looking for plus some books for fun. :) I think it must be a lot easier to find books in the UAE than in Iraq. I have a friend in Mosul who asked me to help her find some books for her graduate school studies. So far I have sent two packages of books to her relative in Jordan. I have never mailed such expensive packages!

Good luck with your mid-term exams!

12/11/2006 10:55 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

I just wrote a long comment here but it dis appeared

never mind

I see you are getting more and more philosophic about life.
It is true without black we won't know what white is. and as a paiter I have to add that we won't have black unless we mix all other colours :)


I ment that no matter what colour we choose to pait the world, as long as it's black we can't change it.

it's it much easier to fine books in UAE but back in Baghdad it was at a ceritain time also easy. In al Mutanabee street we used to find most of the books we needed. many Iraqi bloggers wrote about this street and its importance, even Morbido.

I don't think I'll be able to post something any soon though I have post about Chrismx


12/12/2006 2:30 PM  
Anonymous Ghada said...

I love how you see the world in those marvels eyes. About the library, you the one who motivated me to be one of library visitors and yes the last course in university after you gone, I became one of the regular visitors. I go there and looking between two Books shelves' and trying to find a book I would love to read in bus when I am in my way home. I discovered that I love reading while I am in a car , bus or something moving hehe otherwise, I will have a car sick do you believe that you infected me with this too :) . Reading is helping me to improve my English. Nevertheless, I enjoy traveling in the Book world with my fantasies. Now I am reading "Love,Etc." by Bel Kaufman; it is just like you and me writing diaries to each others<--- girls stuff. When I finish it I will tell you about it. Thanks my dearest friend for this writing for the day. You know I love your writing and hope we can read more after you finish your exams. GoOOod luck Duchess

12/14/2006 12:14 PM  
Blogger aNarki-13 said...

:D nahhhh no philosophy in this old soul.. just.. melancholy, maybe?
i happen to like the color black very much, btw.. black and red, my fav. colors!
sorry for spamming the other comment thread. merry xmas, sis. take care. salam to all.

12/19/2006 6:23 AM  

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