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Good bye 2007 welcome 2008

This is the traditional phrase “good bye 2007, welcome 2008” and happy New Year everyone. Another year has passed; a new one is still coming up. People have always waited for the new year to make their decisions “I’ll quit smoking, I’ll lose weight, I’ll be a better person…” and just like that goes on the promises that people make for themselves and their families and their significant others. Yet most of these promises are merely smoked in the air, just like the promises Iraqis have been promised since 2003. (No politics for today)

Reading last year’s post for the New Year, with a simple post I discovered something complicated about me. It seems it’s the sense of achievement that I was looking for and the thing that led to not knowing “Who I am? What do I want?” the simple questions which require meditation and a journey to answer.

According to that founding I decided to make my 2007 the year of "First time to do…" & "Achievements”. Today I looked at the list, with a pen in my hand to check the list. I found there was not much to mark other than riding a horse.

It felt so disappointing but I decided to check my posts to see the stuff I done for the first time during 2007

So the ear thing was one weird thing to exercise. The maximum four courses I registered two semesters back were a big challenge for me. And the first time I go out and lock myself out which maid me spend some hours in the doorway looking at photos from my wallet, realizing all those beloved ones are in different countries.

This was the weirdest New Year’s Eve I’ve ever spent in my life. Last year I was in Amman’s streets with my two sisters and brother-in-law. This year was with my parents, grandpa, my uncle’s family and Hana (a second cousin to my second cousin, whom I would consider a close friend rather than a relative). We had no plans and went no where. We were all busy that we forgot about dinner which is why I ended up in kitchen preparing something to eat.

Hana and I had Pepsi. It wasn’t yummy but we had nothing to drink other than the flavored milk, which she had before Pepsi. We ate to ears of boiled corns. Saw an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, on a DVD, the one with the baby shower, season 8

At 00:00 Hana and I left my room to say happy New Year, we put the TV on Arabia news and there was fireworks in Dubai and that the Emirate is insisting on making a record of fireworks. We all congratulated each others. Then Hana, my uncle’s wife and I went downstairs to buy bread for tomorrow. Though we live next to Dubai, we couldn’t see anything regarding fireworks. Hana’s parents came to pick her up around 12:30.

Stuff I like about 2007
• Still praying and reciting Qura’an
• Finishing the first year of the MBA
• Meeting my three little cousins for the third time
• Riding a horse (crossing from the list)
• Making two friendship with N and R
• I spent the entire year preparing for my ceramic exhibition and fixing it’s date for January 16th 2008 ( it could be one of the best achievements)
• Learnt how to use the airbrush in glazing ceramics
• Visiting the entire emirates of the UAE, and other important places here and there.
• Going to a relative wedding and dance till 2 am (other than my sister’s wedding we never had such a wedding in the family since 1999)
• My reading list is so huge but it’s mostly related to the MBA
• Meeting Z, a friend of mine who came to UAE from Baghdad and flied to the States, after spending three years of no news from both sides.
• Ate jumbo shrimps
• Tried some Chinese food like sushi
• Preparing New years’ eve’s feast (two dishes of beef burgers, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, pinches of spices and olive oil plus two different types of side dishes: avocado’s dip and some other bean and humus.

I hope next year there will be more to write about.
Happy new year everyone,
Happy New Year Iraq and Iraqis,
May God bles


Blogger David said...

You are right Attawie, most New Year's resolutions are like smoke in the air, they quickly evaporate and are forgotten. I was never one for making such resolutions. Mostly, I just kept on with the work of accomplishing one short term goal after another.

You know, the idea that we have so many choices in life that it is hard to decide what we want to do, is relatively new for the human species. Most of our ancestors didn't have many choices, if any. Throughout most of human history, a son learned to do what his father did, and a daughter learned to do what her mother did. If the father was a hunter, so was his son. If the mother wove baskets, so did her daughter, etc. This sort of way of life still exists for some people in parts of the world. Having so many choices is a luxury that many people take very much for granted. If we are fortunate to be born in an affluent society and have parents that can provide for high levels of education, our choices are many indeed! I think that sometimes, too many choices is not necessarily a good thing. People tend to get lost in the vast sea of possibilities. If we lived for 1000 years, this wouldn't be a big deal, as there would be plenty of time to find interesting things to do, or interesting people to know, and a few to love. But, unfortunately, our time is very limited. So, what can people do? Well, that is a hard question to answer. Some people are lucky to have very good and helpful parents and advisers to guide them toward a good path. Others are not so lucky. Sometimes, there is no one best path for a person, however, finding happiness does not necessarily involve finding the "right" path. Its more about how we perceive the path that finds us. It is helpful if one can take pleasure in small things. Even in the worst of environments, there are people who keep trying to find a bit of enjoyment in life. So, I think that finding happiness is about finding harmony and balance between our inner selves and our external environment. Both are very important.

Ok, that's enough philosophizing for one day. ;) I once had a job delivering pizza. The only beverage that we served was Pepsi. I drank huge amounts of Pepsi for a few years and finally I got really tired of it! I haven't had any Pepsi for a long time. My favorite soft drink is Dr. Pepper, but I don't drink it often, as I have mostly given up drinking soft drinks. I drink a lot of fruit juice these days, its much healthier.

I spent New Year's Eve watching a marathon of the show "Dallas". That show may be the greatest TV soap opera ever created! Its about a rich family in Texas who made their fortune in the oil business. One member of the family is really evil and he will hurt anybody including his family members to get what he wants, but sometimes he gets what's coming to him. :) Anyway, my public library has a large collection of DVD's of new and old TV shows, so I have been checking out a lot of them. I recently watched a BBC miniseries about the life of Queen Elizabeth I of England. It was fascinating! I am currently watching the BBC miniseries "I Claudius" which deals with the history of Rome from the time of Emperor Augustus through Emperor Claudius. The story is told from the point of view of Claudius. Its really a great historical epic and I am learning many interesting things. In some ways, all the imperial court intrigue is similar to "Dallas", only on a much grander and more deadly scale!

I hope that 2008 will be a great year for you Attawie! I also hope you will have many things to write about too. :)

1/04/2008 11:41 AM  
Blogger programmer craig said...

Happy New Year, Attawie :)

1/08/2008 3:51 AM  
Blogger Marshmallow26 said...


May the beginning of 2008 brings you luck and success as you are going to open your exhibition, best of luck!


1/08/2008 11:08 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

David, you’re right. Our ancestries didn’t have the luxury of having choices. And you’re right again in the fact that too many choices isn’t that good sometimes. For me, I do feel I’m distracted by something else. Sometimes I wish I have only two things to do; one for living and the other as a hobby. Now I’m doing nothing for living and so many things as hobbies.

I hope I’ll make something useful out of all the stuff I know and like in my practical life and on the career level.

And BTW, I love to philosophize and listen to other’s philosophy, so feel free to do so on my blog.

About drinks, it’s not just Pepsi that I don’t drink; it’s anything in a can. I only like fresh fruit juices too. I’ll tell you my invented avocado juice. it’s Attawie’s avocado juice, a registered mark ;). Here it comes:
One avocado
Two cups of liquid yogurt (or one cup of regular yogurt + one cup of water)
Half a lemon or full one if u like it lemony
Shake all ingredients in the blender and you can put some ice cubes (that’s in summer) or a some fresh mint.

Enjoy and alf 3afiya ( something like have a delicious food)

I like BBC’s movies and I wish if I can get them here. Sure there must be some shops or maybe at the British Council but I’ve never bothered to search.

programmer craig, Happy new year to you too.

Marsho, same to you.
it's so nice to see you commenting here on my blog. Welcome to Attawie's world.

1/09/2008 1:00 AM  
Blogger Konfused Kid said...


1/09/2008 4:14 AM  
Blogger David said...

Attawie, I think that some of the happiest people are those who find a way to turn their hobbies into their living. Maybe you can do that.

I will be happy to continue to share my philosophical perspective with you. :)

I never ate an avocado, but I would be willing to try. Perhaps I should buy one at the store. I love lemony! :)

Check the Borders book store at the Mall of The Emirates in Dubai for BBC movies. I go to a local Borders sometimes and they have lots of movies there. I'll email you with more details.

1/09/2008 12:01 PM  
Anonymous sosa lola said...

happy new year sis,
wish next year we'll be together danceing and singing:) you know what we'll sing. by the way i forget to tell you that i bought a fish yesterday and i named her تسواهن coz she's diffrent. i'll send you her pictures soon. xoxox to all and take care.
love ya

1/09/2008 1:56 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

Kid, you're welcome.
I'm sending you the track i promised to send, just now :D

David, thank you so much. I received the e-mail. it's not that far, it's only one city away :P
about half an hour driving but with trafic jam hmmmmm about 2 hrs. I was there last week but I was with my three little cousins. they went their to skee Dubai, if you heard of it. google it, it's fun.

Sosa got a new fish!!!
Tswahin! I hope she'll last more than the ones before. I was thinking the other day of getting a pet but who'll take care of it. You know how your room is small and now while i'm staying in it it got smaller.
I miss singing with you
Happy new year

1/09/2008 3:23 PM  

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