Monday, May 26, 2008

Some Unnecessary Wisdom

It was summer 2005, after graduation, when I had two operation to get my three wisdom teeth extracted. It was awful during and after the extraction. I'm not the kind of people who would complain about going to the dentist. It could be because I had the best dentist on earth ever. I'm not joking about that. But I go to the clinic, sit, open my mouth, forget completely why my mouth is widely open, close my mouth and leave. what a happy experience.

Dr Ahmed had a clinic in Harithiya area in Baghdad. We knew him since forever because his parents are my grandparents' neighborers. Since the 7th grade I haven't been to any other dentist. He had a big fish tank next to the patient chair where you can forget the entire world and enjoy looking at it. Even though I don't remember it was there after the war. Dr Ahmed's clinic was the last place I visited before leaving Baghdad. He left Baghdad after that and we met him briefly in Amman when he was trying to get visa to some other place on earth.

When I needed to get my wisdom teeth extracted 2005 he wasn't there. I had to go to my uncle's friend, a Jordanian dentist who studied in Germany. I'm not used to say bad things about people therefore I'm not going to write anything about that experience other than "the operation looked like putting your feet against the wall to pull the stuck door open". Do you get the picture?!

I had to stop eating about two weeks or more because the operation took two sessions, an entire week between them, and I had to reschedule and push the second session another three days. The bottom line I lived on yogurt drink, cold banana flavored milk, cold coco drink, and after a while I started to drink soups.

Destiny played its part and I came to UAE to find that Dr. Ahmed is settled down in Sharjah and his clinic is only ten minutes away from our place. and that's where I'm scheduled to have my fourth wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow morning 10 AM.

Wish me luck and send me recipes for fresh drinks that I can make use of during the coming week :)

I have this list:
1. Yogurt drink (ready and canned by Milco)
2. Avocado-lemon-yogurt drink (which I invented, oh and it's not sweet.. I add salt instead)
3. Carrot-orange juice
4. Coco drink

As for meals:
1. Broccoli soup
2. Cream caramel
3. Puddings
4. oh and definitely mashed potatoes at a later stage :D

Isn't odd to have four wisdom teeth when they say it rarely come out. I still have the other three in a small box that when I was trapped in heavy metal thought I would make accessories out of them. imagine tooth earing or necklace!

That's all for now

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Blogger David said...

Hi Attawie,

I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience with the extraction of your first three wisdom teeth. But, I'm glad to hear that you have found your favorite dentist once again. I am sure he will take much better care of you.

I like the image of the fish tank next to the dentist's chair. I always feel nervous going to the dentist, maybe because my childhood dentist gave me shots that really hurt. A fish tank with some beautiful fish swimming slowly would make me feel much more relaxed.

I don't know if it is unusual to have four wisdom teeth, but I know that some people don't grow any at all. For myself, I had only two wisdom teeth, and they had to be removed. I saw the x-rays before the operation. My wisdom teeth were rotated forward by about 45 degrees. They never emerged into my mouth. Instead, they were growing into the molars right in front of them. My dentist said that if they did not come out, the wisdom teeth would cause my other teeth to be shifted and that it might be painful. So, it seemed necessary to have them removed. I went to an oral surgeon to have the procedure done, perhaps because the teeth were still buried under the gum (I have forgotten exactly why). As far as I know, such a specialist is a doctor who went to medical school. I don't remember anything about the operation. I was given anesthesia so that I was unconscious the whole time. I remember waking up to a lot of pain. For the next two weeks I took medicine to relieve the pain and I ate only soft or liquid foods. One thing that really worried me after the surgery was that I had no feeling in part of my face. The surgeon must have damaged a sensory nerve. However, after about three months, my facial sensation returned to normal. That was certainly a relief!

I wish you best of luck Attawie! I hope your fourth wisdom tooth can be extracted easily and that you will feel much less discomfort than you did before. I recommend lots of ice cream. The coolness soothed my pain after my wisdom tooth extraction. Also, it just tasted so good. :D

I like your idea of tooth jewelry. Why don't you try it? :)

5/26/2008 9:42 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

Hi David,

Yeah I'm glad too to find Dr Ahmed. Sorry you had to experience that operation. it sounded serious. but my doc made the previous extraction to seem like a joke.

About childhood dentists, We had a famous Iraqi dentists specialized for children. His clinic was so pleasant to visit. I don't remember much but I remember going with my sister Sosa because she was a candy addict :) she had fillings since she was so very little.

I'm not an ice cream fan but I guess I'll have some. I like vanilla softcream.

the tooth jewelry!! still on process : )

5/27/2008 11:52 AM  

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