Thursday, October 22, 2009

Auntie Atta!

I'm an aunt!

Yay :D

I can't wait to see my niece!
She's a cutie. I love her already.
My sister and her baby are both in good health alhamdulillah.

Wishing I was in Amman, I only got to hear her crying on the phone after she was born and then mom and my brother in law kept updating us with photos of the baby girl via MMS. It took them 24 hours to give her a name! and what a lovely name; Lean, Leann, Leeann, Lee Anne. still not sure of the spelling.

Thanks God for this gift. God bless her for us. :)
That's all for now
I'll update you soon
I'm in Amman and Layoona is such a lovely tiny girl!



Blogger David said...

Congratulations Attawie on the birth of your niece! :D I knew a girl in high school named Leanne (there are various spellings of the name). She was a very sweet girl and a friend to me.

I send best wishes for your sister and her baby. I hope you will post a picture of her!

10/22/2009 9:52 PM  
Blogger زهرة الراوي said...

مبرووووووووووك أتاوي..
وعقبالج إن شاء الله :)

10/23/2009 12:11 AM  
Blogger moonlight said...

Elif mabrook ya 5ala attawie :) may she grow up with both
her parents (and her aunt ;) inshallah! and what a beautiful name smalla 3layha I bet she's really cute!

10/24/2009 1:53 AM  
Blogger Sandybelle said...

Mabrooooook aunty!
very nice things walla, I hope God will give your niece all happiness and success in her life, and surely with you and all her people.

Be safe

yom il ili a9eer 5ala , lol!

10/24/2009 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Hwa Rang said...

may Allah bless her to her father and to her mother.
i think she'll looks like you:)

10/25/2009 12:25 PM  
Blogger نوفل said...

layoona's aunt can see our poem in my blog

11/09/2009 4:17 PM  

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