Monday, November 05, 2012

The Laundry Show

My baby Karam still thinks the most amazing show is still the washing machine. He can watch load after load and still be amused like it's the first time he sees it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Attawie,

I just noticed your new posts earlier today. I am posting from my library. Their system seems to work with your blog. Its a lot newer than mine! ;)

Little Karam is growing very nicely. :) Oh, peas are one of my most hated foods!

His favorite place is the baloney? When I was young, I used to enjoy baloney sandwiches. Perhaps his favorite place is the balcony? :) My spelling is often quite bad, so don't worry. ;)

I hope Karam can also say "mama"! He has a very special one of those. :)

Hmmm, he loves to watch the laundry. Such advanced visual tolerance of motion could indicate that Karam will be suitable for astronaut training someday! :D

I'm glad you and your family are well Attawie!

Take care,

11/15/2012 4:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

David... Funny you should mention that! Karam's "GrandAunt" wanted to be an astronaut!

I like your posts, but I don't get the point of you posting as anonymous and then signing your name.
Could it be because you are posting from the library this time?

10/06/2013 1:39 PM  
Blogger David said...

Hi Attawie, is that you posting as Unknown? I forget why I posted as Anonymous. I think I had trouble with your blog's identity system and couldn't sign in with my Google account. I'll try now to sign in properly, but I better sign my name anyway. ;)


P.S. I'll go read your new posts now. :D

11/10/2013 12:15 PM  

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