Thursday, October 06, 2005

Just Take It. Pay and Leave.

I don't really know if I was walk-sleepy or sleepwalker. I couldn't understand anything around me. It felt like a dream. But I felt every single movement. I heard them talk. They were pointing towards me. Everything arouses my suspicions. There must be something wrong.

The images were unfocused. It was dark but yet everything shined. It was cold but I felt sweaty. It felt like a fever. Am I real? Or let me say were they real?
I felt the ground muddy but it was a blue fitted carpet! With every step I felt my feet sinking. Should I go farther?
I have to go in... Should I wait?

I searched in their eyes trying to find a familiar look. I know no one…

I got to the counter… I have to ask… or should I search and then ask… I'll make a fool of my self if I did. But what's the different if I did not. No I have to ask.

Should I say hi first? Or should I say something else? What if he says no? should I ask for something else? Oh. Where is every one when they are needed?? Who am I fooling? I have none.
I'll say it now. "Do you have…inkpot?"

"Yes, you can find it on the left side of that shelf."

Running to the shelf, I feel invisible. Lifting the first one my eye caught I realized that there were many kinds. Which one should I take? Keep it in your hand and just pay... what's the different between this one and the others. Should I ask? No, no. Just take it. Pay and leave.

I wrote this after I read Virginia Woolf's short story THE NEW DRESS ..
Tke kind of writing is called stream of consciousness.

You can find it here..


Blogger Konfused Kid said...

Nice...real nice...

hope we can be friends,
u really scared me with ur inkpot...i wonder what happens when u buy a Rakiya (melon) and face the venegful face of a dirty spitting grocer.

Cya and read me.

10/08/2005 10:25 PM  

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