Monday, January 16, 2006

Staying Alive

Staying alive is an easy job for leading actors staring in movies just like Jacky Chan, Silvestre Stallone, and especially for Batman, Superman, James Bond and even some evil characters like Doctor Evil. They just keep surprising us for staying alive.
The topic is true for other characters acting in dramas like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whose been even brought back to life. Let alone those who are already dead like Angel.
We all know bad guys drop dead with one kick while shooting the heroes arm or/and legs or/and shoulder… (Add anything you want…) is not enough to hurt them.

Let's take a break from movies and series. People stay alive every ordinary day and overcome obstacles. People hold on to put food on table to feed their children, get their jobs back and stay alive. People over come drugs problems or drinking issues and stay alive. People hold on to do the best they can to stay alive. Some had to overcome heartbreaks and they just move on to stay alive.

But wait a minute, you think it's amazing how real people over come their problems and stay alive? You should see people spending their dark nights, and by dark I mean real dark, not just the dark sky but their dark homes, and they still alive. People who hear gunshots, not on TV not in Polo game, but gunshot above their heads. And they are still alive. Those people who lose a family member, a friend, a neighbor or even a pet. They lose a beloved everyday and they are still alive. They are no heroes, there are no scripts, no directors, but they still alive. Those are the ordinary Iraqi people who have to go through pain and bitterness but they still hold on to live another day.

A movie star needs miracles to stay alive and spells to beat a beast. Iraqis are no Supermen. Yet everyday is a miracle just for staying alive.
Great salutation to the brave fellow citizens of Iraq.


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