Thursday, August 14, 2008

Khadhra Died :(

I know it was expected by my sister and I sort of talked my self into taking it easily but still it's sad.

I thought this fish was going to last a bit longer. The energy she had was promising. Her last minutes, even though it was very easy to figure out that she was struggling, there was still hope.

My parents never approved home pets. We had a series of sad stories with dogs. Gimmie died of old age and sickness, Blackie poisoned by neighbors, Nanno was kidnapped from the street after I gave her a bath. And many other dogs at our grandparents' home.

As for cats, my sister and I used to feed cats secretly to keep them in the garden. Somehow we were attached to a cat that gave birth in our backyards. We played with one of the kittens and the mother cat abandoned it. We did our best to keep her but she died young. My dad and I buried her and kept it a secret form my sister and told her that the mother came and took her back.

During 2003 war, we were staying at my mother's uncle's, a cat gave birth in the garden and I liked the orange one and called her Mishmooshti (from Mishmish ie apricot)took care of her and fed her and she grew into furry-orange-hairball. Don't get excited, the neighbor's dog ate her!

Fish.. where do I begin? We had a black one called Abaska, can't remember much about her except that she DIED. Khookha and Khaz3al also were a merry couple but one day during cleaning their place my sister put them in the sink and added tab water. oh I forgot to say it was August and the water was boiling. She literately boiled them.

While my sister was studying in Jordan, she had Meme and another fish id don't remember. The one I that I don't remember died the first day I think. Meme followed it after a while. Then there was Puspus. She was a suicidal fish. My sister says that Puspus may have thought that she could fly or live outside water. She managed to dive Outside water twice but my sister was able to put her back in water. Someday my sister woke up and found her on the carpet!

Then there was Tiswahin (i.e best of all) and she was tiswahin for real. She used to make sounds and jump up and down the moment my sister step a foot home. She was something else. The second day I arrived Amman, my sister and I got Buqla. She is a stupid fish, dull and ate nothing until I started to grain the food for her.

Buqla, as seen in the previous post, developed a friendly personality after two weeks. She started to kiss our fingers and make clicking sounds in the morning or sometimes even at dawn to wake me up :) she's staying at my sister's friend.

The box which was given to my sister's friend. Buqla :)

At certain times I wished I had a hamster or a bird. But my family never approved such a thing. It's easy to get attached to pet and sooner or later you have to let them go. Until then I'll be happy to have my lifeless-limbless-Pet I have since late 1990s, which I just discovered I never gave it a name!

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Blogger khalid jarrar said...

dont get excited the neighbors dog eat her :D :D :D heheheheheh :D

shar il baliyati ma yo`97ik.

lesh hech ya 2ommi lesh? :D

btw you forgot to mention that tiswahin died too. Muahaha :D

8/15/2008 6:00 PM  
Blogger David said...

I'm sorry to hear that Khadhra died Attawie. She was certainly a very attractive little fish. From what I remember about tropical fish, they are more sensitive than many other types of freshwater fish. So, they are more difficult to keep comfortable and healthy. It is possible that the fish were already stressed from a long journey to reach the pet store. Thus, when you purchased them, they may have been in a weakened state already.

Let me tell you a bit about my experiences with fish. My first fish tank contained goldfish. I started with a couple of very simple fish. One was golden colored and the other was silvery white. These were not fancy goldfish, they looked very simple, much like their ancestors before people started breeding them. I had them for several years and they grew from about 2 inches long to about 6 inches long. During the time that I had them, I got a very interesting and special type of goldfish. It was called a lionhead. This breed of goldfish has been developed with interesting tissue growths on the head that look like a lion's mane. It had a short fat body with no top fin. I thought of it as a male and I even named him. I called him Robby, and he is the only fish that I ever gave a name to. Robby was a very cute fish. He was so fat and his tail was so small that he moved very slowly. He didn't really swim through the water, his little wiggles were more like waddling. :) I had Robby for about six months, and he seemed happy and healthy. But, one day, I looked at him in the tank and there were some legs sticking out of his mouth! I looked closely and the legs belonged to a roach. Apparently, a roach had fallen into the water and Robby ate it. Well, I wasn't sure it was healthy for him to be eating a roach, so I decided to remove the roach from his mouth. I caught him in a net and took him into my hand. With the other hand I held a small thin pair of pliers. I inserted the pliers into Robby's mouth, grasped the roach's body with them and pulled it out. Then I put Robby back in the tank. Well, a short while later, he was not swimming as he usually did. He seemed sick. I thought I had been very careful in removing the roach, but I began to think that I might have injured him. I really liked Robby and I was very worried about him. Sadly, the next day, he seemed to be worse. I didn't know what to do, and I wished I had just let him eat the roach. He would not eat anything and he was swimming sideways. The next day my cute fat little fish died, and I just felt heart broken. I blamed myself for a long time. My other fish lived a couple more years, but they finally died too, possibly of old age. I kept some saltwater fish a few years later, but that is a long story. Actually, I think I blogged about them in one of my more recent posts.

Let me get back to your post. You have really had some tragic experiences with dogs and cats and other fish! Tiswahin sounds like a fun pet though. I never heard of a fish that was happy to see its keeper! :) Buqla seems like a very friendly fish too. Its too bad you couldn't take her home with you.

When I was a kid, we had a dog for a long time. She was a beagle, a type of small hunting dog. I could tell many stories about her! Later, after she died of old age, we had some cats. I decided that in some ways I liked cats better.

I had some other pets too. I had a turtle for a few years and some lizards also. I kept one of them for about six years until it died of old age. Reptiles are rather boring most of the time though. They only get lively when you feed them.

Your lifeless-limbless-pet is cute. :) It looks similar to some cat toys that I have seen. The big hair on its head makes me think of Albert Einstein. ;)

8/15/2008 11:16 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

Khalid, What's so funny about that!!! I really liked Mashmoooshti!! She was so cute and lovable.

Ok everybody, there may seem a gap between Tiswahin and Buqla. Yup.. sadly Tiswahin died on March 9th 2008. I remember that day vividly!

David, I don't know about much about the history of our fish but what i know and sure about is that I saw them having fun in the tank and spent some time watching how beautiful they were and then left them and went for shopping. After that my sister and I went back to the shop and looked around and decided that we want them.

Poor you, I would feel guilt too! but if you think of it reasonably Robby must have died from the roach. Who knows where it was roaming and from where it got the germs on it's legs?

My lifeless-limbless-nameless pet used to be a key chain. A friend of the family gave it to me because her son used to freak her out by that key chain. Once i got it I put a rob on it's neck and started to put it in my sister's way and pull the robe slowly. it would look like moving. and then i started to do a trick with that makes it jump form my hand :D :D :D

8/15/2008 11:56 PM  
Blogger David said...

Thanks Attawie, you may be right about Robby. I was thinking that the roach would be unhealthy for him when I removed it.

It sounds like your fish were active and healthy in the pet store. It is a mystery to me why you lost them so soon after you brought them home. How long did you have Tiswahin?

So when your sister walked by and you pulled the rope attached to the lifeless-limbless-nameless pet, did you scare her? I think there is a naughty streak in you Attawie! :D

Your L-L-N pet also reminds me of Itzak Perlman. So, maybe it could be Isaac or Pearl. :)

8/16/2008 9:39 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

David, actually I make fun out of freaking ppl out. A simple boo would freak the hell out of my eldest sister. I had a plastic small lizard and I used to put a transparent robe around his neck and pull it here and there to scare her.

I remember I even used to take it with me to school and scare teachers. What a trouble i was with my gang!

What's with Itzak Perlman the "Israeli-American violinist"!!!

8/16/2008 10:56 PM  
Blogger David said...

You were a very naughty girl Attawie! ;) :D

One time I made a paper airplane in class. While the teacher was looking at the blackboard, I tried to fly it to my friend. Well, the plane veered off course and landed in the teacher's hair! She was not at all happy about that!!

Another time, there was a boy in my class who was always mean to me. One day, I decided to punish him. I put a tack in his chair with the sharp end pointed up. He sat on the tack and jumped up screaming! He never found out that I put that hole in his behind. Heh, heh, heh. :D

What about Perlman? Well, I saw him perform once. I wrote about it in my recent blog post. He had big hair like your L-L-N pet. :)

8/17/2008 9:35 PM  
Blogger attawie said...



"Well, the plane veered off course and landed in the teacher's hair! She was not at all happy about that!!"

What was her reaction, David?
poor boy!

8/21/2008 6:16 PM  
Blogger David said...

So Attawie, do you have a nice robe to wear while you are playing rope tricks on your sister? ;)

My teacher's reaction? Well, at first my teacher didn't know she had a plane in her hair. She had long hair that she wore up. The plane landed softly in a sort of nest that she had made with her hair. All the kids started laughing. She turned to see what was so funny and the plane fell out of her hair onto the floor. She looked at the plane and frowned. Then she demanded to know who made the plane. Some of the kids pointed to me. She picked up the plane, wadded it up, and put it in her trash can. Then she asked me to come forward. She gave me a short lecture about disrupting the class, then she said that I would have to stay after school was over. Later in the afternoon, after the other kids had gone home, she had me sit at my desk for about half an hour while she graded some papers. Then she let me go home. I felt very embarrassed about getting into trouble. I still made lots of planes after that, but I was much more careful about when and where I flew them. :)

8/21/2008 11:40 PM  

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