Friday, September 26, 2008

F1.. I need a Cheesecake Recipe

Hi all, I've been searching for cheesecake recipes for a while now. I don't know why i can't find all the ingredients in the market. Plus most of them require to be backed a day before serving. and one of them stays at the oven 5-6 hours after baking!

Any good recipe please.



Blogger khalid jarrar said...

i have a suggestion :D

i discovered that i am in touch with my feminine side: i can make great cake! :D so i want to give you the recipe of making two deserts, one is well known, and the other i altered to become much better, so here we go:

First: Cheese Cake:

It's very, very simple, and requires little time, turn your memory record button on:

get the following:

1.baket 9`3ayyir biskit Digestive. (if you have a big one, use chees wa7id min il baket o 3oofi il chees il thani)
2.100 gm zibid (yummie!)
3.200 gm jibnat il kreema, y3ni Philadelphia and that kind of jibin mako?:)
4.170gm qish6at Nestle

5.khashooga chibeera 3a9eer laymoun
6.3ilbit jilli of your choice
7.dream whip 3ilbih kamla, cheesen.
8.Mrabba, blue or red berries can, bkefich you choose.

1. mako il grinder mal gahwa?! I67ani beeha il Digestive o 7o6eeh 3ala 9af7a, itha mako grinder use khalla6at il molinex bas awwal kasreeh ib2edeech zen, wara ma t6i7neeh nakhleeh, b3den illy yo9fa bil monkhol 6i7neeh again o add it lil baqi.
2. thawbi il zibid 3ala innar.
The actual work:
1.mix the biskit wiyya il zibid, ib2edech 2i3jineeh until its 3ajeena motajanisah. 3Indich 9eeneyah mal cheese cake moo? Itha mako ay 9eeniyyat cake will do. So put the 3ajeena you made on the bottom of the 9eeniyyah. And put it in the fridge at once.
2.Mix all the other ingrediants together, kolla 7o66eeh together, o add just less than no9 koob may, y3ni just a bit of may, and mix bil khashooga zen zen zen o b3den put it in il molinex until its khalee6 motajanis.
3.6al3i il 9eeniyyah min il fridge, put all the mix over it, put it back in the fridge for many hours, like 3-6 hours depending on the amount of water you add.
4.Once its jimdat and all is well, take it out, put mrabba or blueberries or red berries or whatever you like on top, and serve it o id3ooli o 3000 3afya :D
A tip: you can prepare another 3ajeenat biskit and zibid, y3ni the other chees of digestive that you left, use it with another 2o9ba3 zibid and make another mix of biskit like the one you made for the bottom, this time add it to the top after fridging (:D) everything is over, then put it back in the fridge for 10 minutes, then out and then put the topping. That would be cheese cake sandwich :D

The other Desert:

buy a pack of brownies, y3ni khal6at brownies sahlat itta7`9eer or anything, follow the instructions on the 3ilba and make brownies, then once its done, make khal6at digestive o zibid like the one above, put it on top and then put it in the fridge for like 20 minutes. You have to wait for the brownies tibrad in room temperature before you put the biskit mix over it ok? Then put it it in fridge. Then when its out, get ... ma3rof shisimha, il chocolate mal deserts mako? Illy ma tin2ikil, nastala bas mal sweets moo mal akil shisimha? :D I am sure you know what I am talking about, so t7o66eeha in 9eeniyah and put the 9eeniyaah in another 9eeniyah full of water and put them 3annar, ila an tmoo3 il chocolate t9eer liquid katheef, then pour it on top of the biskit mix. And enjoy it, this is totally my invention :D :D :D

9/26/2008 3:06 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

It seems you know it by heart and baked it like a 100 times before!

Actually I'm off the mission now. My mother is inventing her own recipe of cheesecake :)

it does requires little time but I can't afford the 3-6 hours in the fridge. Maybe some other day.

thanks a lot. this must have taken more than just a little time to write, oh and I think you broke a record. this is the longest comment you ever wrote here :P

I'll let you know how the new invented recipe turn out to be.

9/26/2008 3:28 PM  
Blogger khalid jarrar said...

it could be the longest comment i ever wrote :D

try the second desert then! walla its AMAZING and takes next to no time at all. and its my invention :D

9/26/2008 3:44 PM  
Blogger Abbas Hawazin said...

attawie i know nothing about cheesecakes but could you update my link in your sideroll please, thank you.

9/27/2008 10:08 AM  
Blogger David said...

When it comes to cheesecake, I am a very masculine Neanderthal. ;) Now, if you had asked for a banana nut or blueberry bread, that would be a different matter entirely. Good luck with your baking!

9/27/2008 10:50 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

@ kahlid, very rich invention! tell me, it's like one layer or brownies, another layer of biscuit mix topped by chocolate? or what?

@ abbas, Done.
At least tell us if you like cheesecake or not :D

@ david, yes i remember once you gave me the recipe of banana bread. it was on your blog i recall. Thanks

9/28/2008 12:14 PM  

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