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Resuming Amman's Diary - Iraqi Bloggers' Meeting

A couple of friends of mine asked me to publish Amman diary Summer 2007 – The Iraqi Bloggers' Meetings – which I wrote in Amman when I had no access to internet and wasn't able to post. Another friend asked me recently to post them too. What I remember, I was seeking the approval of each person included in the diary. Everyone said go ahead and they had no problem. Anarki was the first and I did publish about our meeting.

But I can't remember if the Kid replied or refused (I think he said no). But since more than a year later he posted something related to meeting me and other female Iraqi bloggers without seeking permission, I think he wouldn't mind it. It's old news anyways. Plus I'm not sure if the Kid exists anymore. He's Abbas Hawazin now.

Chapter No. 2
Meeting The Kid

After The Kid reached Amman he contacted Anarki who called me just a couple of days after our first meeting and we arranged another meeting. My sister was of course there to escort me.

We agreed that the mall was easy to reach by all of us. I got a call from the Kid as I reached the mall that they were waiting for me. I saw Anarki accompanied with two other guys. One of them was supposed to be the Kid. I looked at both of them trying to figure out which one of them is The Guy. One of them was busy with his mobile, both were in black though one of the shirts was with a band or a game logo, can't remember. Anyway, this guy pointed at the other telling me "He's the Kid" then the Kid introduced himself and pointed at the friend and said "He came by mistake" with a laugh.

I introduced them to my sister and then we started to search for a café or someplace to sit but the mall was hectic and crowded.

The first thing I noticed about The Kid was his eyes. They looked mysterious. After few minutes I could tell his eyes revealed curiosity. Then I remembered the tragic story how he lost his four friends in an explosion and I thought it was that sadness.

After roaming the mall, none of us was hungry or needed a drink, but my sister and the kid stopped for an ice cream cup. Nothing interesting happened except for the regular chitchat between friends as if we knew one another long time ago. After a couple of hours, it was getting late; my sister and I decided to go home. The guys agreed and wanted to leave too. As we approached the exit gate, the kid and his friend disappeared. Anarki was still with us. We waited for a while but they never showed up. So we left without saying goodbye. That wasn't a nice impression for a first meeting but I guess it was easy to forgive the Kid.

Anarki, my sister and I decided to cross the main road to find a taxi. We ended up walking for about 20 minutes or more talking, until we took a taxi. I enjoyed the walk for the pleasant personality of Anarki. He's never boring and always had something to say. Not just something, but something smart or funny or maybe both.

Oh this is supposed to be about the Kid. So, his father and my mother used to run in the same circles – career wise- and we talked a bit about it but we never really tried to sort it out. He wasn't the same blogger nor the person I knew online. Maybe because his friend was there or could it be the presence of Anarki, but it was awkward meeting him. Even though the same evening we did chat afterwards and talked about it and he told me he felt the same. We agreed that we were better online friends rather than face-to-face.

Hopefully, I'll resume posting the rest of the diary.

That's all for now

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Blogger Abbas Hawazin عباس هوازن said...

You know I'm mad at you, right?

2/04/2009 8:37 PM  
Blogger attawie said...


Is it Abbas or the Kid who's mad?


I really don't remember why I didn't post chapter two. Refresh my memory. What is it exactly that you don't like about the post. Convince me and believe me if I'm convince I'll be glad to remove it.

do you think certain editing would make you less mad? :D kidding :D

2/04/2009 9:22 PM  
Blogger Touta said...

I wanted more dirt to be dished. *sigh*. No blackmailing for me then. :)

2/04/2009 9:32 PM  
Blogger Abbas Hawazin عباس هوازن said...

oh no, it's not about this post. it's quite what I expected, really. I've been mad at you for a while longer.

I'm going to write you an e-mail about it I guess.

2/04/2009 10:10 PM  
Blogger attawie said...


Contact me off-blog and give me your offer and we'll see what kind of info that you'll extract form me :D

as for Abbas,
oh you told me you were mad months back. I thought we sorted that out! or is it something else?

will probably wait for your email :)

2/04/2009 10:25 PM  
Blogger C.H. said...

Hmmm...I wonder why Abbas is having strange mood swings, Attawie :)

Just kidding, Abbas...will you be publishing a new post soon BTW? I haven't seen any for a while, lol!

2/05/2009 12:55 AM  
Blogger David said...

I remember your Chapter 1 about Anarki. I went back to read it again. I think he has a good sense of humor too. I am sure that I would also enjoy meeting him if I had the chance. :)

I think I may be similar to Abbas in that it is easier for me to write about what I think than to talk about it face to face with someone, especially if I am meeting them for the first time. However, I can talk quite a lot to a friend or someone that I trust.

I hope you will post more of your diary. :)

2/05/2009 8:50 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

You'll have to wait for Abbas to answer your questions :)

Each meeting was different. It depends on personality and how well you know the person before you meet. That will be more obvious once you read the rest of the diary :)

2/05/2009 9:18 AM  
Blogger Michomeme said...

I still don't know where the kid is? Cuz I really can't imagine the new change of Abbas, whom I can't believe he is the same Kid.

2/06/2009 12:22 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

Dear Micho :)

People change, and I guess being the Kid was part of transformation people go through in their lives.

Being yourself is like a journey you have to go through. But what do I know? I'm still on the first step of the road :D

2/06/2009 7:31 PM  
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