Monday, March 30, 2009

Cute Friends

How cute is that!

That's all for now
Maybe we'll learn something!

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Blogger David said...

I have heard of this sanctuary for retired elephants. I remember the story of two elephants who were close companions when they were young. Then they were separated for something like 40 years. One came to the sanctuary and lived for a while, but was not very friendly with the other elephants. But, a few years later her old friend came to the sanctuary too. They immediately recognized each other and from that point on they spent all their time together. I see in this video that other elephants are forming close bonds too.

The elephant and the dog is funny. :) That's really amazing how much the elephant and dog love each other. I wish that people could get along so well too!

3/30/2009 10:55 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

They are so cute. It saddened me to see the poor elephant in that corner waiting for the dog.


3/30/2009 11:01 PM  
Blogger Khalid from Iraq, the cradle of civilization said...

Attawie, I can see nothing but a white rectangle and its as white as the snow in Russia. May be you meant some thing else but all what you have is whiteness which's not bad at all as its a sign that you could receive good news or a gift very soon. K

4/04/2009 7:15 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

Khalid from Iraq,

Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog.

It could be slow connection or just random mess. Here's the link in case you want to check the video:

or try searching for Tara and Bella on

Good news! A gift! I already got both of them last week :)

4/04/2009 1:31 PM  
Blogger Khalid from Iraq, the cradle of civilization said...

Attawie, Thanks for your efforts. it's really a nice little story. No doubt there are lessons to be learned.Despite our differences we should stay friends forevr! Thanks again.K

4/04/2009 8:29 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

You're welcomed K, and thank you.

4/04/2009 9:46 PM  
Blogger khalid jarrar said...

this is amazing!!

i am happy for them, the odd couple and all the other couples, finding a loved one to spend their time with in a beautiful green land, both well taken care of, both dont have to work, they just spend their time with their loved one and enjoy life!

are humans allowed in? :D

4/05/2009 1:16 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

Are humans allowed in?

I guess only those who clean after these cute couples are allowed in :S
Did you notice there were only two of them or that's what we know so far :|

4/05/2009 7:24 PM  

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