Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No Thanks, I'm not listening to news for now

To study, to focus, to forget the world and sit down and write my thesis is not an easy thing to do. At time I forget myself reading, rereading and writing and editing. Then for a moment I feel I'm looking at a blank white board with a sound of silence that's too good if it lasts another 30 seconds without the AC noise coming back or a neighbor child's scream coming from the window, OR Aasi voice on TV. (don't get me started about this Turkish series my sister is watching).

Today, that sound of silence and meditating and focusing on a certain phrase I was trying to sculpture was broken by the news on the TV for a moment, then my sister voice, obviously calling Baghdad. I went out of my room and asked "what is it? where now?" only to hear my sister's choking voice telling me the update of the news in Baghdad.

"That's why" I said to myself "I've been blocking all news, tv and online, so I won't face the reality and look at my life in exile, just a trivial thing. So I won't think of my thesis a silly thing compared to real life events and stop studying"

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Handmade Iraq maps by attawie

That's all for now
Let's pray for Iraq

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Anonymous Khadija said...

The Maliki government is a farce. Just last week it said that they had succeeded in reducing violence in Iraq. I know the numbers have been lower, but we've had two well coordinated attacks that have killed over a hundred people in as many months. This violence clearly stems from corruption and incompetence in both the government and the police force - and this begins with the prime minister. We need a change here in Iraq. That's why I'm supporting Ayad Jamal Aldin and his Ahrar Party in the coming elections. He is a man of integrity and will solve our corruption problems and bring security to Iraq.

12/09/2009 2:15 AM  
Blogger Lynnette In Minnesota said...

Let's pray for Iraq


12/09/2009 9:37 PM  
Blogger David said...

I have seen the news from Iraq too. I have listened to interviews of some men and women living in Baghdad. One of the interviews really stands out in my mind, especially because it made me think of you. The interview was with a teacher at a school of fine arts. He teaches orchestra and some of his students were killed. He said the terrorists are trying to destroy culture and civilization. He said he and his students would fight them by giving more concerts. A tear came to my eye. He spoke with such courage. I remembered that you attended such a school.

Your thesis may not seem so important, but it is! Your research adds to the body of human knowledge. Also what you learn may someday help others in the future. To be helpful others is always a good and morally right thing.

12/11/2009 12:11 PM  
Blogger زهرة الراوي said...

هوه زين الواحد ميشوف أخبار لكن بنفس الوكت لازم يكون واعي باللي ديصير ويحاول دائماً أن يقدم كل ما في وسعه وما يستطيع لتحسين الوضع هناك، سواء في العراق أو في باقي بلدان المسلمين..

الله يفرجها على المسلمين في كل مكان..

أكولج جتني فكرة جهنمية! على الخارطة! ما أدري شوكت أكدر أشوفج وأكلج!!

12/13/2009 8:46 PM  

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