Monday, October 10, 2005


I have nothing to write but i was thinking how we, Iraqi people, are wanderring around the world. I'm sure you wandered in more placed.

so here it comes

I lived in 3 countries:
Iraq (home)
Jordan (studied)
UAE (my residency now)

I attended many schools:
First generations (2 years)
The Red Palace (2 years)
Music and Ballet School (7 years: 6 primary & 1 secondary)
Nidhal Secondary School (3 years)
Baghdad High school for girls (2 years)
Baghdad University / collage of Art/ English Literature (2 years)
University Of Petra / collage of Arts and Sciences / English Language and Literature (2 years)

I lived in many houses
The first one I don't recall I we lived only a year there and I was one year when we left. It was in alsaydeeya.
Then we lived in 28th April project in Al Saliheya area. (1984-1992)
Then we moved to a house in Al Qadisya area (1992-2003).
But we reconstructed the house and I moved to another room in 1997.
In 2000 we reconstructed the house again and I moved to another room.

A flat in Al Rabiya area October 2003.
Another one in the same area in 14th February, 2004 (I remember it was valentine and it was the first time I see snow in my life).

Still the same building in Al Sharija.

Then what!


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