Friday, December 12, 2008

Out of boredom...

OK OK! I'll admit it :| 7ashara is dull.. she's not even close to a pet. She's cold, self-centered and a boring creature. Let me give you an update about her. First she shrank up to half her original size. I haven't seen her eat for the last three days. and all she does is to pretend that she's dead!

Every now and then I remove the cover to check on her and I simply can't find her. I search under the soil and lettuce leaves and there she is like curled cat. If I project light on her she seems very energetic but only to escape and hide. Could it be that's her only activity? Or maybe she thinks I'm enjoy this "hide and seek" game?

Don't laugh at my handwriting.. I'm in bed with runny nose.

Yesterday I made pizza. too lazy to write about but let me at least brag about it.

Step one: ready made pizza dough, yogurt (grandma trick I learned from mom), tomato paste.

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Step two: adding slices of pepperoni, tomato, mushroom, pepper, onion.
Step three: adding mozzarella cheese.

That's when dad came and asked me to add green vegetables .. oh and I discovered that I don't have enough cheese! so I added parmesan cheese to three of them and cheddar cheese to the other three. And ready to go to the oven.


bad lighting


That's all for now

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Blogger Touta said...

You're such a good cook, but i must admit, writing about worms and pizzas in the same post..... Its going to make me check my pizzas to see if 7ashara is there. hehehe. Sorry, and I hope you get better. :D

12/12/2008 5:25 PM  
Blogger Touta said...

oh, and EID SAEED! :)

12/12/2008 8:28 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

"good cook"!!! hmmm I don't know about that.. this isn't real cooking, I guess. but thanks anyways :D

see how bored I am to write about the two in one post! Don't worry. Enjoy your piece.. I just checked on 7ashara and it's here and still alive. Eid Sa3eed dear :)

12/12/2008 9:53 PM  
Blogger David said...

Don't be concerned about 7ashara's not eating and loss of size Attawie. This is normal for a caterpillar that is about to enter the pupa stage. She should shed her skin soon to reveal a hard skinned mummy-like pupa. Leave her covered under the soil mostly, although you can peak at her occasionally. It is good to put a few drops of water on the soil to give the pupa a bit of moisture every few days. Careful, not too much, you don't want to drown her. ;) If you keep her warm, in a few weeks, she will hatch from the pupa as an adult moth. Its a good idea to place a stick in her bowl that is upright, or angled up. When a moth first emerges, the wings are very tiny and look crumpled up. The moth needs to pump blood into the wings to expand them to full size. It helps the process if the moth can hang upside down from a twig while expanding the wings. You might want to cover the bowl with a screen or she may fly away into your house. Moths usually emerge at night to expand their wings.

Ok, lets have a look at your pizza. Mmmm, they look delicious! Can I come over and have some? :)

I agree with Touta, you are a good cook!

12/13/2008 10:41 AM  
Blogger khalid jarrar said...

could it be that 7ashara is enjoying her piece on her own and doing her thing and you come once in a while tli3been bkhilqat.ha o tfallisheen kol il bedding she has been doing and tga3deeha min no9 il nom o t7o66een light ib no9 3yoonha?

and she is like: omg not that crazy iraqi again! runnnn! sanfiroo bi7ayatikoooom! and she runs away because she thinks you might as well eat her?


i mean she doesnt realize that her role in life is to be your pet, maybe she has a life of her own? why are you so selfish about it!

12/13/2008 3:19 PM  
Blogger attawie said...


I've been spraying water on the soil every now and then :) and after I took the photos I left 7ashara to enjoy her serenity :) I'm becoming a good caterpillar owner :D

David I'll do that for 7ashara, that's a lot. How about a tea-party soon? maybe after I finish the defense session? btw tea-party for Iraqis is not like the English tea-party which includes cheese sandwiches or English cakes.. Our Tea party includes pastries, that's salty and sweets and we end up with a big meal :D

khalid, that's too barbarian if that's what 7ashara thinks of me :(

Now I'm thinking of letting her go :(

you could at least say something about my pizza to make it sound better!

12/13/2008 6:43 PM  
Blogger khalid jarrar said...

oh i forgot to say! the pizza looks great :D

12/14/2008 3:07 AM  
Blogger David said...

I think that 7ashara is in very good hands. :) When she turns into a beautiful moth, that would be the time to let her go. Have fun!

Your tea-party sounds great Attawie. I love pastries! :)

Good luck with your defense!

12/14/2008 8:25 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

Thanks Khalid :)
You still think that 7ashara doesn't realize that she's my pet!

David, I hope she is, because today she's not moving At All! I put the stick and everything but she seems lifeless :( I don't know if this time for real or she's just enjoying that!

If she'll make it I'll be very glad to let her go and enjoy flying in her natural environment.

12/14/2008 1:21 PM  

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