Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Hi again...
I was chatting with Morbid Smile the other day and we talked about many things and we mentioned how one's writing can reveal if he/she is pessimistic or optimistic. Here I remember Voltaire's Candid the most famous satire, about optimism. It's a sarcastic work about optimism. And as we nowadays are familiar with Tsunami and the earth quakes I recall my professor's words about that.

Imagine that there could be an earth quake and thousands of people are dead others are injured or missing. The Optimistic point of view would say "earth quake!! What's wrong with that?? "

"Thousands dead"
"Everyday people dies and they are replaced by newborn babies. That's why God created us"
"Thousands are injured"
"They must have done something really bad and God is punishing them"
"Others are missing"
"Missing! They might enjoy their adventures, they will tell us great stories about that when they will be found"
"What about the destroyed houses and homeless people?"
"It's a good opportunity to have new homes, they had old fashion homes."
"What about the streets and ..."
"Wait ... wait ... STREETS? We need new streets we need a new infrastructure. God make this for our own good. Everything is for our own good."

He then added things about the wars and tsunami. Then we students start to add stories and laugh.

Can you believe those people??!! I really added things myself but the lecture was really that fun. You should see him when he explains the clowns in Shakespeare's work. I just like this professor.

By the way he is in his 80s.



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