Saturday, October 15, 2005

An Open Book

Just like an open book I am,
Welcome readers with open arm;
Still waiting for the right reader,
Who's smart and look deeper;
For they only read the lines
And grasp not the meaning implies.

Just like an open book that tells stories
About man kind and sometimes about ferries.
Each story has a moral hidden lesson
Tries to help you to your conscience listen.
If you read it and still hear nothing;
Then your senses from you are stolen.

Just like an open book with many pages,
My life has days, years and many stages;
Some had tears, fears and sadness
Yet had smiles, hopes, and happiness.
During all this still there was love
For the heart cannot be imprisoned dove.

Just like an open book that must end,
My days would certainty have an end.
And my God shall raise me up
To drink from the immortal cup;
Yet I am on earth and I have seeds
To plant and add more good deeds.

Just like an open book I am
Will never reveal anything by time
Critics may say what they want to say
But for my stories there will come a day.
As any reader you demand to know it all;
Then you'll have to be committed to thy role.


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