Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh Queen Mab

Oh Queen Mab,
I miss the feeling of thy chariot on my lids.
I miss the nights when thou used to warmth them with thy films.
I miss the dreams you brought me when I was a kid.
Could it be no sleep, no rest?
Without you there'd be nothing but regret.
Thou warmth the cold, coolth the hot.
Thou please the infant and delight the adult.

Come back –just one night –
And stop these killing thoughts
Which prevent me from seeing what's going on
In the sleepy world.

Oh Queen Mab,
I'd give thee the thrown of my life
I'd give thee the softest pillows and
The smoothest bed.
Just visit me and see what I can give.

Solitary Nights smash my sanity.
Dim Days control my reason.
Got no reason to live.
Got nothing to give.

Oh Queen Mab,
If thou art coming not
Then, Death, thy brother will.
Still young to die.
Have so much to try.

I heard them say thou bringth dreams.
I also heard that you are the fieriest queen.
But I know you won't come even if it's a monarch's bid.
Prove thy generosity and come.
I'm begging you to come.
Just pay me a visit in a midsummer-night dream.


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