Tuesday, November 08, 2005

well.. well

Hi again… I'm back.

It was a crazy week, crazy with the kids, crazy with going out and receiving guests.
I'm back to Art course. Yesterday I finished the head I was working on. I signed my name on the sculpture's back. It supposed to be my first work in sculpturing to get into history. If it dried before Saturday then it will be presented in Saturday exhibition.

I had nothing to sketch as homework for painting class so I draw my left hand in many positions. Everybody sees it says WOW. I draw my violin few days a go and the response were the same.

I read a Novel by A'isha Al Nour "A Traveler in my Blood" (musafir fi dami). I read it in 2 days then I reread half of it. It is about a famous Arabian Vocalist and the conflicts between her and the society and how people thinks she's just another flesh of meat on a hand, and the conflict within herself in getting divorced and being deserted by her sweetheart.

It's not a long novel. The events are jumping here and there just like a butterfly flying from one rose to another. The images describing the world and the feelings within her are just amazing.

What else?
Today I tried to listen to Metallica but the RealPlayer said my CD is dirty! It never happened with me before. What's dirty? People are dirty. Places are dirty. Even jokes are dirty. What else? Remind me. And the RealPlayer won't play the CD because it's dirty. It's the best MP3 I had ever. All Metallica's Albs, Evanescence, in addition to Iced earth and Nightwish. I'm addicted to James Hatfield's and Amy Lee's voices.
Thanks God, latter I tried to play Evanescence and it did work.

I had fever last night. I took a pill and slept. Woke up early, went to class, got home, got fever again, read "Queen Mab" a philosophical poem about death and sleepiness. I found it on the net while I'm doing a research about Queen Mab in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", "Mid-summer-night dream" and "the Fairy Queen".
I wrote a poem about it few months ago and I wanted to know if there was anything about it on the net.

I have to cut my nails and go to play violin.

I have to draw 3 sketches a day. Can you believe my tutor? As if we got nothing to do.

What else?
Scorpions were supposed to have a performance in Jordan in September. I came to UAE September 9th. I thought I missed the concert BUT they will have one here November 30th. I'll try to get tickets. Wish me luck. Though I don't feel I want to go. No friends, no sisters here.

In Jordan, I went to Bryan Adam's concert. I still can't believe he was standing or I was standing in front of him. He sang his unplugged as usual. I'm still keeping the ticket with my souvenirs. He is one of my favorite.

I'm trying to chat with my sisters. I miss them and I don't have credit to call them.
Anyway, that's it for now.

I'll post the poem I wrote about queen Mab.
That's it for now.


Blogger Morbid Smile said...


You SHOULD go, girl !! I will come and kill you if you don't go!

So you are done with that head? Does it still look like Saddam?!

11/09/2005 3:35 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

I checked the head today..I'm doing many changes but can't help it. it still as u say Saddam.
I changed the nose, then i changed the cheeks, made the ears smaller, but it's the look of the eye. and you can't imagin how it's hard to sculpture the eye.. so I left it as it is.

11/09/2005 1:28 PM  

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