Friday, November 04, 2005


Today is the second day of Eid and I still can't feel it is Eid. It's the first Eid I spend without my sisters.

Two years ago, few days before Eid I was in Jordan to stay and study. My mom was there and my eldest sister too. The three of us were there to spend the first Eid without dad and my youngest sister. They were in Baghdad waiting for my sister to finish my high school.

That Eid was weird. I didn't know how to be happy without the rest of the family but in the same time I was with my 2 little cousins who live in Amman. When they left they didn't had the second child. These children were now 11 and 9 years old. If they weren't in Jordan with me it wouldn't be easy for me to stay alive. I'll talk about them later.

So… Another weird Eid to spend without my sisters. But still I have my parents around, my grandma and guess who too? My uncle's family. The three smart kids changed these boring days. The eldest, four years old, is a young gentle man. The youngest daughter is a sweet-one-year-and-few days-young lady. You may wonder about the second child. Yes, you have the right to do so. I didn't forget him but he is the real story.
He is so sweet and smart but hard to deal with. He still wants mom to feed him, wants mom to tuck him to sleep. When we are out he wants his dad to take carry him or hold his hand. In the same time he imitates his eldest brother and wants to be spoiled like his baby sister.
Yesterday he was lost in a popular market. It was hell. Everybody started to look for him. Thanks God, he was just few shops away, just looking at some goods. Whenever we are out he runs here and there and makes me run after him. He makes a joke of me.

That's it for now.


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