Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Policy

I haven't written much lately. I realized that when I sent a portfolio of my work with the application form to the University Of Toronto. I read all my previous modest short stories and poems and wondered why I'm not writing these days. I feel numb. I watch the news and I don't know what to feel. Sorry? Is that what should I feel when I find my country is just "headlines" hero. "The situation in Baghdad"… (A number of people) were killed, (another number of people) were injured, (a number of cars) were bombed… butcheries, assassination, devastation, no security and much more.

In a normal conversation with anyone lives in Iraq just asking them "how are you?" you get the reply "still alive!" And then (name someone) died few days ago, (another name) lost his arm in blast near the shop he works in. And don't forget the hallucination about no water, no electricity and other trifle things people around the world take it for granted. I mean only in scary movies you see the power is off. It is a real scary movie Iraqis are living every single minute.

I never wanted to talk politics. Nor even about religion. The first is so confusing and silly that I should leave for those who know the history of the world very well, and those who understand the political beliefs, and not to forget those who seek power and dream of controlling the world, and add to them those who wants personal financial benefits. As for the second matter, religion, I find it a completely personal issue between me and my God, the Creator.

I'm not going to vote. If someone is going to take part in this election (with my respect to many people I know who are going to do so) it means this someone is admitting legitimately to this process, while it's not as long as it's under the occupation forces. I didn't even take a look at the lists nor bothered myself with the false and fake promises they made.

I publish a poem or a thought about the country I still dream of, Iraq. It is a dream indeed to go back to my home, and rest in peace, even if that means I would only be buried there. My feelings to my country are not goods need marketing so others would express sympathy.

I would like to add, most of my posts were written in Baghdad or Jordan. Now I'm editing them for those who would like to read them again. I wrote a short story about a little girl who lived the war. The title is 'Bombed Flowers". I finished editing it and hope to post it soon.

You may wonder now what my policy is. I am saying it out loud and not afraid to admit I'm not good in politics. I read a lot and each time I read about politics principle I say "not bad, good slogans, great solutions for the problems they faced, that time they were right to think so and so". And then bang! A great revolution. And bang! They rule. And another Bang! They turn to be self-conceited dictators arrogant for their beliefs. And the final bang! Next thing you know they turn to be Wanted and hanged to death.

So… does it make any different if we ally this or that. Sooner or latter someone will die and lose, the other wins and rule for a while and then dangled. My policy for now is just to watch and see how it will end. Hoping I would be alive to see that day. It's not that I will side with those who win as if someone watching a football match and confused whom to choose, when the game is over would say "yea, I'm with Real Madrid". First of all they are not two teams. They are many and none of them is a REAL team. Each one is trying to obtain a chair.

Technically my policy is no politics at all.

I have to question if any of you, blogs readers, read by chance the Iraqi new character "Shallash"? I'm sure if you search on google you'll find something about him. I believe this is a new literary folk genre. Believe it or not his satire is going somewhere. Such thoughtful, simple ideas can change the world, hopefully for the better.

Greetings for all.


Blogger programmer craig said...

"Technically my policy is no politics at all."

That's unfortunate. If there's no political solution to the problems in Iraq, what are the other options?

12/13/2005 12:38 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

It's a big mess and it won't be solved by making new parties and pretend to have democracy.

Unfortunately, I'm not good in politics, but I'm trying my best. I'm reading Robert Fisk's "The Great War for Civilisaion".

12/15/2005 11:24 PM  
Blogger Anonymous said...

Well attawie, that is very unfortunate. For the first time in your life, you had the ability to part take in choosing your country's leaders.

"So… does it make any different if we ally this or that. Sooner or latter someone will die and lose, the other wins and rule for a while and then dangled"

Yes it does make a difference. In a democracy, the leader doesn't die.. he merely loses. If he does his job and the people are happy with him, he keeps it.

I also disagree with your viewpoint on this not being a legitimate election. Talk to your Iraqi brethern and see if there were any "Occupation" forces near the polling stations. Also ask anyone in the Iraqi armed forces (if you know any) what would happend if the US left. Most of them don't have the command and control facilities nor do they have the infrastructure to support themselves.

If the "Occupational" forces did not exert any pressure on the people to vote for a particular list (or pressure people to vote altogether in that matter), how is it illegitmate? I'm asking because I hear this excuse from many of my fellow Iraqis and I'm yet to get a reasonable answer.

12/17/2005 2:07 AM  
Blogger Iraqi Agony said...

I am an Iraqi and did not vote as well and will not at all until the occupation forces leave the country! I dare any one who says they are not so! The United Nations itself being the outstanding body whose role is to safeguard the security and legal rights of countries has and still is considering the American forces as nothing but occupation forces.

So carrying out elections under occupation is in itself illegitimate therefore the elections are illegitimate and thus it should be abrogated! As simple as that!

If one thinks that the Iraqis do not want the American forces to leave the country it is wrong to generalize! Only traitors to the country would want so badly to keep them as they know they will be slaughtered for treason.

12/18/2005 12:20 AM  
Blogger Anonymous said...


The UN has legitamized this election and has also placed the burden of security on the 'occupiers'. There is nothing written anywhere in any international document of a international body that says these elections are not legitimate.

Thats really nice of you to call anyone who disagrees with your view a traitor. Those were Sadaam's days, those days are gone! The days of the Mokhabarat and the genocide of thousands of Iraqis are gone.. and I for one am very glad of that.

12/18/2005 8:42 AM  
Blogger attawie said...

Would you please take your conversation somewhere else away from my blog?

See Programmer craig.. that's why I don't talk politics. Everybody thinks he is right and would never listen to anybody, they just ask question to teas othere and never bother to understand the unswer.

I've been publishing poems and stories for four months, very few those who bothered themselves to say nice poems.

Dadawg.. I still believe these elections are not legitimate.

12/18/2005 9:59 AM  

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