Monday, December 05, 2005

Am I Such a Fool to be Treated Like That?

Am I such a fool to be treated like that?
Oh, what's wrong with thy heart, thy soul?
Is it another love doth takes thee and thy trust
From me ya went away and left thy role.

Once you promised to make my days worm,
That we will never part our ways, it's a sin.
But now, it seems, thy feet me will harm
For you took a step in a way my feet are not in.

My life, my love, my every thing is dedicated to you.
So come to me and let it be like an old day.
My heart, my soul, my every minute devoted to you
I'll cherish thy lips. And thy ears what list I say.

If thou need me not and list to leave me as fire,
Then my love, death is what I hope and desire.

I wrote this modest sonnet after I studied sonnets during the second year.

I'm posting it now to please Morbid Smile. It her request.

Some of the words are achaic, I'll add their meaning if there was any demands.


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