Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tow Days on the Beach

Greetings all,
I had a couple of funny nice days. My family and I wanted to celebrate a long vacation we have now in UAE. It's the National day and they celebrate it in two days and luckily these two days were Thursday and Friday (the official weekend) so… instead we got Saturday and Sunday off. To sum it all we had four days off.

The first two days we were busy with my application so we are left with only two days.

Yesterday we went to Khor Fakkan, a small village situated on the beach. I saw it as a really tiny town. There was only one hotel, one motel, few buildings and blocks of villas with many shops along the roads, and a number of restaurants, and one fuel station.

We drove with mom's cousin's family, the parents and five kids. It took two hours to get there and an hour searching for a place to stay. We were unlucky to find that place as it was a long vacation and most people had probably rent their places months ago.

We didn't swim because the water was muddy and oil-transports were near. Add to it, we didn't see a woman swimming. They were all guys and I was almost the only girl who wasn't covering her hair.

We sat in the park next to the beach and had a picnic there. I walked to the beach and took the kids with me. Then the mothers joined us. Hours later we drove home.

As for today, we went to Jumaira beach in Dubai. It's a way different beach. First because it's in Dubai. Second, they charge per head. Third, it was clean and prepared for swimming. Fourth, there were places were you can barbecue, sit, shower, and play.

We settled near a grill place and then headed to the beach. The feeling of the sands beneath my feet, the cool water, clear sky, smell of the sea and the tiny fish, were most what I liked about this place. It wasn't like any other beach I've been to.

The kids and I tried to build a castle in the sands but as usual we end up making a mound with oysters covering it.

We grilled Kabab, Ticca, ribs, and tomatoes. We swam, ate, had fun, walked a while, played football and left. Then we went to Emirates Mall. It's the newest, largest mall in UAE it has the largest skiing hall in the Middle East. After that we drove home.

I have to draw and paint. I have sculpturing tomorrow. So that will give me an extra day before painting class. I have to paint landscapes. I thought I would do that while we are out but with five lovely kids I couldn't do anything but enjoying my time with them.

I enjoyed these two days but I wished if I had friends here to spend time here. I walked a bit alone and I noticed that there were no families. They were all friends. I wished if I had someone in my age at least.
Haneen, I'm praying for you to get the visa.


Blogger Morbid Smile said...

Hey girl,
It seems that you had some wonderful days lately. I'm so glad for you. I know how do you feel there being without friends. I feel the same too! I know the girls are here but we barely see each other cuz we live in far away areas as you know, adding to this the terrible safety situation in Baghdad. I feel empty most of the time and have nothing to do. I'm looking forward to this visa to be issued. I want to see yoooouuuuu!!

Hey, can't you take pics for your paintings to post them here? I mean like what Micho did in her blog. I bet everyone will like to see your works :)

12/05/2005 6:31 PM  
Blogger attawie said...

I miss all of you. It's hard to live without fiends. TV is boring yet I watch, though I consider it a way to damage our brains with.

The radio plays the same songs on and on. there are many places to go but the point is company not the place.

About my paints, I'm really working on buying a degital cam. We had one if u remember but it's with suesue.

About ur visa, I'm not giving up, I'm still praying.

12/05/2005 11:31 PM  

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