Friday, June 22, 2007

A Window to my Nowadays Life

It's a new day. So I guess I survived the exams. It was hectic for this entire month. I had to submit my projects and assignments according to the deadlines, I had to revise the material for three subjects, I was and still preparing for the coming exhibition, besides that my eldest sister was here in UAE for a visit. And now I have my other sister here in UAE also staying for a month.

So many things took place on many levels, internationally, nationally and personally. The horrible news all over the world and the clashes within nations in the Arab area besides the horrifying news we hear from Baghdad are just too much to take. I stopped to follow up. I just hear from people around me about what happens the next day or so. I stopped reading news on-line; the last newspaper I read was about three weeks ago. For now I just have to read the business paper as a part of my study.

First time for "Four courses semister"

The busy life has captured me. Lately I started to wish we have 24 hours plus 8 hours to sleep. Somehow the 24 hours are not enough to accomplish everything on my "today list to do". It is taking much more time then ever to study the chapter and preparing for the lecture before the session. The four subjects I registered for might be the reason behind that. Back in collage days I used to register for the maximum hours per course, that's the advantage of a 3.6 GPA. For MBA, I'm used to three courses a semester and now it just seems impossible for four. Most of my friends who have 4 courses are preparing bits and bites for each course and some of them are even neglecting the Managerial Economy class. I'm not used to such thing. When I take a course I don't want to only pass, I want to learn.

First time for Graphics

Besides the 24 + 8 hours a day I wished if we had three hands. Wondering why? I swear it sounded smart when I said it the first time. Lately I've been working on Graphic artwork which I'm preparing for my coming exhibition and for your knowledge Graphic is not such an easy job. The first two Graphs I made were silly and childish, but eventually I could manage work on metal better than working on leno. The tools resemble those of surgeons. They are sharp and when I'm saying sharp I don't mean the glazed edges, surely not *remembering the scratches I got because of this aggressive art techniques*. As for the acids, don't get me started. They smell so bad and they are really really dangerous to inhale.

Back to the three hand idea. With masks and rubber gloves, inks, various types of acids, turpentine, thinner and other stuff that I haven't been introduced to, the toxic part of the blob effect ruins the skin and clothes. At certain times I have on hand with inks, and the other fixing the metal piece on the table, out of a sudden because of the smell my nose start itching and I have no free nor clean hand. The third sounds brilliant, right?
That's all for now
Until then...

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