Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hopeful Smile

Oh how I miss blogging!

A lot has been going on lately, unfortunately that means more secrets to hide from you. I feel like writing the story of my life but that's too early I guess. Time would shape my perspective and prove me either right or wrong. That's why the story shall wait as well as proceed. Since you're here I'll share bits and pieces of this story.

Today I received my MBA (General Management) degree from the States, finally! I've been waiting since April. I got an A for my thesis and a GPA of 3.67 *bows for applause*

Earlier, I shared with you that I applied for a double major but things did not work. Months passed, while I was in the process of writing my thesis, I was informed that my wish to do double major was answered and the dean approved it. Had to do extra courses and take a course from EMBA program. All went great -al hamdulillah- and here I am in the process of writing my second thesis.

The second specialization is in HR and my thesis is about Blogging and the use of Intranet Blogs in organizations. That's why I've been reading tens of blogs and online publishing about Blogs. I don't have hard copy of references (books or journals). The topic is new and there are books but most of them study blogs as a phenomena in marketing, PR, and organizational image. Thanks to David, who helped me over a year back with finding references for my Organizational Communication course when I made a presentation about the Revolution of Blogs in OC. I was really fascinated by the topic and that's why I had to adopt it for HR and spend extra effort to achieve what I have in mind regarding the topic.


That's all for now
Wish me luck

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Friendship & Love... in one picture


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mobarak


عيد مبارك
Eid Mobarak

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Restless Freedom

Watching this video over and over even after a couple of days, not knowing why exactly, shedding tears of mixed feelings, all I know is that people need to know about this all over the world.

It's the video of the press conference that was held after Muntadhar al Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw a shoe at Bush, was released.

This part of his speech keeps occurring to my mind as if I've seen it with my own eyes.

"...a feeling of shame haunted me like an ugly name because I was powerless.And as soon as I finished my professional duties in reporting the daily tragedies of the Iraqis, and while I washed away the remains of the debris of the ruined Iraqi houses, or the traces of the blood of victims that stained my clothes, I would clench my teeth and make a pledge to our victims, a pledge of vengeance.The opportunity came, and I took it.I took it out of loyalty to every drop of innocent blood that has been shed through the occupation or because of it, every scream of a bereaved mother, every moan of an orphan, the sorrow of a rape victim, the teardrop of an orphan. I say to those who reproach me: Do you know how many broken homes that shoe that I threw had entered because of the occupation? How many times it had trodden over the blood of innocent victims? And how many times it had entered homes in which free Iraqi women and their sanctity had been violated? Maybe that shoe was the appropriate response when all values were violated. When I threw the shoe in the face of the criminal, Bush, I wanted to express my rejection of his lies, his occupation of my country, my rejection of his killing my people. My rejection of his plundering the wealth of my country, and destroying its infrastructure. And casting out its sons into a diaspora.After six years of humiliation, of indignity, of killing and violations of sanctity, and desecration of houses of worship, the killer comes, boasting, bragging about victory and democracy.

He came to say goodbye to his victims and wanted flowers in response. Put simply, that was my flower to the occupier..."

You can read The full speech of Muntader after he was released on Khalid's Blog.

I'm glad he decided to share and glad about his goals.
Can't find a better video or links. I'm sort of in hurry.

That's all for now
I wish we can find peace

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surah Al Qadr

That's all for now :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Words I Want to Share :)

My Dear Blog,

I am aware I've been away lately, unsure if it was the lack of motivation or being busy with life. It's not that you're not part of my life, on the contrary, at times I see you as the mirror that I look into to show me what I've done and reflects to me whether it's right or wrong. You even helped me evaluate myself, my thoughts and deeds. You've been the door to a whole new world to. Giving me the chance to express myself, introducing me to friends, opening my eyes to appreciate life from different points of views.

Knowing that I've been away for several reasons doesn't mean I don't care about you, neither does it mean I don't want to share with you. For that I'm sharing a secret I've been hiding for a while. I'm going to have a niece! (the secret I talked about earlier) :D

Yes, I know! It means I'm going to be a khala (an aunt). I'm going to be "cool auntie atta" :D

Unfortunately, I missed most of the shopping and preparations for the baby. One because my sister is living in Jordan, second is about me being busy or not there when my mother and Sana went for shopping. I did attend a couple of shopping trip (or was it three times?) and I got something for the baby. It's this tiny stand for bathing. I've never seen one before but the moment I saw it I thought "yay, we put it inside a tub or sink and put the baby on it" it looks like a tiny slide with Pooh and the gang (or was it Tigger? I sent it months ago).

What else did I miss to tell you lately?

Oh! me and another Iraqi female bloggers met at Zhra's for Fotoor (the meal for fast breaking) and then we had to hurry up and sit in a the car just like "Sardine fish in a can" as Zhra calls it. We were in a race with time to catch Isha Prayer (The last of the five daily prayers) followed by Tarawee7 (Ramadan night prayers). The Imam was Salah Bu Khatir, one of the best Quran Reciters I've ever heard(Click to listen)(Click for Translation). When I heard his voice of the first time, was about 18 months ago, I thought he was The best reciter ever.

It was my first time to pray in a masjid in UAE and it's the first time to pray Tarawee7 outside my home. The feeling of being one among those who pray in a group is amazing. How the people are scatered here and there and in one phrase said by the Imam they all stand in in straight lines with not a word to utter is such a feeling that cannot be described in words.

Click to listen :)

Today is the 19th day Ramadan, this night we're going to start the first day of the last ten days of Ramadan. They are considered the best days and they are yet to come. It is believe that the Night of Al-Qadr (The Night of Decree) is one of the last tend nights in Ramadan (Read the links for listening and translation).

oh, and yesterday 9/9/2009 at 9:09:09 was Dubai Metro opening!

A lot is going on in my life and on my mind and I needed to write this and clear my thoughts and hide in my den, at least until Eid. So my dear Blog, even though I'm away but I'll always come back with news and secrets I want to share.

*My calligraphy says: Mobarak Alaikum Ashahar (مبارك عليكم الشهر) May this month be full of blessings to you :)

That's all for now
Until I can share some more.

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