Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shaun The Sheep is Haunting My Blog!

So, whenever I check my blog by clicking a link of the comments notifications I hear a tune. I love the tune but I spent a while trying to figure out from where the sound is coming. I keep clicking here and there and closing all other tabs on Google Chrome in case the tune was coming from another tab and no use. But the moment I close the tab of my blog the tune disappears.

Lately I've been watching Shaun the Sheep. and some clips from Timmy Time. I did pass the infection-of-watching- this-cute-sheep to KJ and we do both hum the tune. But my blog?

Checking it several times with no link or a button for an audio clip I give up and forget about it. But today I did check the blog and it WAS there AGAIN. I asked KJ "do you hear it?" He said "Shaun the Sheep?" I replied "So it's not just in my head!"

I'm enjoying it even though it doesn't suite the seriousness of the previous posts but it might suite my coming posts (a secret is hidden here). Until I discover from where the tune is coming from, I guess Shaun will remain haunting my blog!

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