Friday, November 14, 2008

Winter Hallucination

"Yesterday experiment went great" I said after greeting my dad good morning.
"So, you agree on that?" he replied.
"It was useless to have the AC on during the night and we're all covered with blankets and quilts. I used only a sheet instead and even had to pull my quilt early morning. It's winter in UAE, after all". I assured him.
"Yes, no need for electricity these days" he replied.

I jumped correcting him "You mean AC! oh please dad, electricity is a bliss"

The conversation happened shortly after I read this:

"One of the regular questions people ask is (why) the most powerful nation on earth has been here for five years, but the lights can't stay on," said Brigadier Hamish McNinch, a senior British military engineer working on electricity in Iraq.

The question is: Why the greenzoon was able to be provided with power 24/7 since the invasion?

The U.S.-backed government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki hopes to end regular power shortages by 2012 and triple effective power generation capacity from 5,500 megawatts today.

2012! sure! If the "U.S.-baked" (ironically that's how I read it) Iraqi government wishes to say that. Yeah, why not!

"If people reduce power consumption by switching off heaters and water-heaters this winter, they will have a steady supply," said Aziz Sultan, spokesman for the Electricity Ministry.

If people reduce power consumption by switching off heaters and water-heaters this winter, they will have a steady supply! Supply of what? Light?. I bet people prefer to have candle-lit romantic warm evening rather than shower in cold water during winter.

If people could live without switching on heaters and waterheaters this winter they won't be complaining of power issue at all from now until 2012. And thus al-Maliki can live happily ever after.

The point of having electricity is to be able to use all the luxurious advantages of the "technology"; having warm place to live during winter, having warm water to stay clean, let alone ironed shirts for the sake of universal acceptable appearance.

That's all for now.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nobody is Too Old to Play with Balloons

One of the strangest thing happened to me yesterday whiling sitting for the exam. The huge classroom was decorated with ribbons and balloons. It seems there was sort of a celebration the night before. I made my way to my usual chair, first desk on the right. Since it was examination time, the setting of the classroom was different than usual. Huge spaces between desks and my chair was pushed to the front right corner of room.

Once I was settled and about to receive my exam book I noticed that the balloons where on the ground and left a silly place on the wall where they were placed. On the ground, there was remains of a green balloon which was poorly laying on the ground.

For a couple of moments I had a flashback of the little activity we had during the seminar with balloons. Laughing secretly, I also remembered the balloon that I saved that night and blew only recently on Friday and had fun with my sister and making jokes about how "Nobody is too old to play with balloons".

We, my parents, my sister and I, were sitting in the living room when I jumped to the room to bring the balloon. That evening on Friday it was proved with evidence that "Nobody is too old to play with balloons".

All those flashes came to me while waiting for the question sheet. But once I received the papers I wished I did not for I hoped I was able to capture a photo with my cell phone for the funny look of balloons next to my desk. The red one was really big but the green was medium.

Being myself, I concentrated on answer sheet and forgot the world outside the white sheet lined with blue and words flowing from my pen. After about 50 minutes of writing, my fingers were aching. I took the chance to relax my hand and have a look on the funny balloons but... OMG! they are not there! Pretended I was adjusting my seat, I tried to peek at the ground which made me feel I'm peeking in someone else's answer sheet. But the balloons were not there!

Anyway, had to go back on my exam, I went to my concentrating status. Then suddenly BANG!!! A balloon exploded! The sound was very loud. I took a look on the class and all eyes were looking at me! "I didn't do that"-look was on my face. Chaotic speaking and silly comments were on and the instructor kept saying "keep quiet"

That moment I thanked God that I was an Iraqi and I am used to bombing sounds. That balloon could have made me react differently.

I tried to know if the balloons that disappeared a while ago is the one which exploded but no use. I couldn't find the remains nor the other balloon. I was "thinking they were two, please God I don't want any other surprise". While taking my breath and trying to maintain normal heartbeats BANG! The sound was even closer. I tried to fine those balloon remains but all in vain!

All eyes were on me once again and the chaos was on for another while with the teacher saying "please, no talking. Keep quiet" A colleague who was sitting behind me said "I think that was the balloons in front of your desk" I was thinking"I KNOW" but where are they!

Two hours later I handed my answer sheet and looked at the area where the balloons were laying but nothing! My family where outside waiting for me in the car. The moment the car moved I remembered that I forgot the book and my notebook under the desk so I had to go back.

The examination room was almost empty. Only one student was left, another handing his paper and the teacher on the stage. I asked permission to take the books and took the chance to look closely on the ground and there was NOTHING!

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday's Lunch


Can you guess what this dish is made of :)
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