Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Busy their Minds, Waste their Lives

I was watching "Taken" the other day when I thought what a nightmare would it be for children to believe there are aliens and some flying saucers out there who want to get them. My worst nightmare was about a crocodile swimming in the schoolyard, which nearly became a lake for a while because of a broken pipe back then. My friend and I would be sitting on a huge tree trunk (there were two huge trees that fell during the 1991 war and nobody removed them. They ended up to be our spaceship when we played Space raiders. That crocodile would approach us quietly; opens its jaws to reveal the sharp teeth…and I would wake up shaking.

Other than that nightmare, I had a fright from the tiger Sheri Khan, which came to my imagination from The Jungle Book. My worst fear was that he would come to my bed and take me. How would he reach the eighth floor? How would he enter our apartment? How would he take me? I never wondered. I used to sleep near the wall and leave the other side of the bed empty.

Away from the reoccurring dreams about escaping and running under a sky full of missiles and the horrifying sounds of regular shelling and bombing, which were the background music to our mothers' lullabies. As an Iraqi child, I had a normal childhood.

Thinking of spaceships and strangers from another planet would freak the hell out of any child, and would occupy the mind of any adult, if there were any real evidence of their existence.

But let’s say we had brothers and sisters on other planets and we were happy to contact them. Spending zillions of dollars to invade planets to contact the "brothers and sisters" up there and tell them we like to be "Friends". If we want to know those "aliens" and be acquainted with; why not spending only time, not that millions, and try to understand and be acquainted with the "brothers and sisters" who already exist on the same planet? Why not find peace on earth, instead of searching for "out spacers" and try to play "peace" with them?

I find it easy to understand that the US administration wanted to keep it’s citizens busy with flying saucers at that time, as much as Occupiers and the new Iraqi administration wanted to busy "most Iraqis" with slapping their faces and hitting their heads with blades, or jab themselves with made in UK shackles. It is another version of the same story, to distract masses of what is really happening on the land of reality.

First of all, they would be busy preparing for the event, whether the tools or food and what to wear. Add to it the rehearsals for the whole ceremony. Second, they would be busy during the ceremony. Third, they would need more than just a couple of days off just to heal from the beating and the bleeding. Four, which I believe the most important point, is the number of irreplaceable cerebral cells, which are being damaged during such a behavior.
They are 12 Imams, the 12 are dead, and each Imam’s death took place in a month, therefore 12 times a year. That’s the minimum!

I am still wondering how could self-punishment or self inflicted-torture can be self-purification? And purification from what? The slaughters that happened centuries ago? Or even the Original Sin? Or the sins committed now? Does that come from a real religion? If they are believers, do they really think that would make them God's favorite creatures? Do they ever think of God? God forbade tormenting or killing people and even animals. Would He approve self inflicted-torture? I am really interested in these questions to an extent that I’ll take them and study them seriously once I have time.

To sum it all, I don't blame the ignorant but I'm blaming hypocrites who claim to be religious men and lead those ignorant to waste their time and life.

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Monday, August 06, 2007


This is not a real post but I'd like to share this article written by an Iraqi in Amman after our National football team won the cup.
Sorry for those who doesn't read Arabic, and I don't think there's a chance to translate it any soon.

An Iraqi's letter

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