Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Iraqi Student

I have to break the silence and ask you to stand for a moment to greet this Iraqi Student.

It's not just that he is working to support his family but he is still a student and investing his time in doing his homework. A salute to such insisting dedication.

P.S.1 I found this photo in a friend's profile on Facebook and I don't know if she took it or a licensed photographer.

P.S.2 I will come back for a real post shortly.
That's all for now
God bless Iraq

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm Back... Hopefully

What a journey it has been for the last six months. I got married, I flied to Amman, spent Eid with my family in Dubai, then flied to Jeddah to be with my husband, flied again to Amman, spent almost a month without KJ to be reunited and settle down in Jordan.

We took this brave decision and decided to forget about KSA, hopefully for our best.

Back to blogging! I miss it. I miss talking to the keyboard and the monitor. I miss putting my thoughts and sharing with friends I've made through blogging. I miss hearing feedback and others points of view.

I've been here in Amman for the last 45 days. I'm still not totally settled. Many days was spent to sort and put aside the summer clothes which made me discover that both of us, KJ and I, don't have much of heavy clothes for winter. Being in UAE for the last five years, I forgot what winter is. KJ has been in Jeddah for almost two years. *Takes a pause. Looks at the lines she wrote and telling herself: what a boring post this gonna be*


News. You must be asking for my updates. Well lots of things took place for the last six months and I'm gonna be a bit selfish now. But I have a lot to share about being in KSA and a lot about being in Amman.

Last week my eldest sister and niece came to visit from UAE. It happened that they decided to leave Amman and settle down in UAE when KJ and I set the date of our wedding and decided to move to Jeddah. It was great to see baby Lyann taking her first steps. Whenever we chat and they update me about her I feel i'm missing a lot. I was praying that I get to be the first to see her walk. Thanks God my prayers were answered :D

My mum and Sana are coming to visit next Thursday. I can't wait to see them. I have lots of relatives here but still have to do a round of visits.

The internet connection is good here and next time I use "I didn't have a connection" as an excuse for not posting, call me a liar. I do have time and lots of stories.

I miss my atelier. I miss playing with clay. I miss being creative. Now that we're sure we're settling in Amman, we're discussing and planning shipping the equipments from UAE. Still will have to find a place or would use the balcony for a small atelier alternative for the time being.

Lately, I've been taking lots if photo. There are hundreds of them that I decided to share one every single post. The one in this top shows the view from our bedroom. You can see most of the city in this photo. It seems I still need to work more on my Panorama technique.

That's all for now
I'll share more later

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