Thursday, June 22, 2006


It has been so long since I published something in my blog. The news about Iraq is always frustrating; false promises and fake solutions to be. Zarqaui's video and Zarqaui's murder. Releasing prisoners from Abu Ghareeb and yet there are families waiting for their fathers, sons and brothers. Saddam is in court and it seems like a comedy, with the judge, lawyers and the whole issue is a charade. Men in Black robbing at night and yet we hear stories about bravery how the resistance is controlling the cities at night.

For a week, I felt weak. I couldn't write. I couldn't be optimistic. The only good news I heard was that the UAE is giving visit visas for Iraqis who don't have pre-entrance to the country. However, they will not give me residency. I'm writing this and I don't know what to become of me next week. My residency has expired last month and they gave me a month to find another way to stay or leave the country.

It's shocking when I come to realize that an Iraqi is refused to be given a residency even though the entire world knows that he is literally homeless. I had to leave Jordan after I finished my study because I am an Iraqi and they won't give me a residency or a "worker statement". In addition, I might have to leave UAE because I don't have a residency now even thought my mom does. However, she can't be my sponsor because she is an Arab woman.

On June 26th, the Institute of Art, where I am studying, is having an exhibition. Five of my works are hanging there on the wall waiting for an answer if they would be out of the country or not. Sema Dubai, a national channel in UAE, wanted to make interviews with four female artists under the age of 25 in the institute. They will be broadcasting live. I was chosen to be one of those young artists.

Last night I dreamt when the reporter came to talk to me, I started explaining my works and the colours along with old Baghdad atmosphere that shows in my paintings. Suddenly I started to cry. The reported tried to avoid the subject of Iraq and wanted to move on to the next artist. I started to tell my story and how I'll have to leave the country on 29th of June. Another minute and I was given a lot of gifts and painting tools by a Sheikha who happened to be there. and I was welcomed to stay in UAE. And I woke up.

Will that Sheikha come next week to the exhibition? Could that Sheikha be the answer to my visa issue?

Iraqis are doomed to suffer inside and outside their country. And that's all I have to say and write.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


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