Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy.. Out of Reach

As I have no excuses for not posting, I thought I should update whenever I can so I won't end up with lots of things to share which usually I end up not sharing at all.

Last month I was busy finalizing my thesis and taking ceramic course at Sharjah's Institute of Arts in addition to going to my atelier and having fun playing with clay and glazes. During this month I attended so many art exhibitions and had the chance to catch up with artists/ art fans and my art teachers and colleagues.

Among the exhibition I attended I went to Sharjah's Art Museum. It was the opening reception of Old and New exhibition by students of The Institute of Arts for Special Needs. The nice people I met two years back in the Heritage Festival in Sharjah.

Last Sunday I attended a friend blogger's wedding. it's been a while since I dressed up. I felt like a princess :D It was a very nice wedding and she was so beautiful.

At my atelier, I've been working on a testing new clays and glazes and experimenting new styles and techniques and I sort of found my thing! I created a page for my atelier on Facebook then had to hide it because I was not posting. Social networking needs a lot of follow up. And I'm so not free for that right now. I created a blog for the same perpose and then didn't publish a thing too :|

My sister's family were staying with us for the last two months. Lyann is such a CSI girl (that's Cute Sweet Innocent just like what her T-shirt says!). It's been two days since they left us. The house is calm and sort of weird without her noise and smelly brown stuff! I miss her already.

What else? I miss Iraq Blog Updates and the posts by Khalid Ibrahim. I used to check one post which is enough to update me about the Iraqi Blogsphere! I still wonder why they deleted the blog.

That's all for now
I hope I won't stay away longer

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