Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ear Story!

Warning: silly, boring, personal anecdote.

Just few minutes ago something freakishly funny happened to me. I was sitting in the living room trying to cheer up myself by watching “so you thing you can dance” the rerun of the first season. I was just sitting on the couch indifferently, rubbing my soured ear, when something weird shocked me.

Years back, when I was just about 9 I think, I had my ear pierced. The left ear had always given me sufferance because it was the first to be pierced and I was really scared. Therefore the hole was a bit aslope. Ever since, I had sensitive ears that I had to wear real gold or silver earrings.

Years passed and I was tempted by fashion and I got myself many earrings which were neither gold nor silver. It wasn’t a problem as I used to wear them for couple of hours and that was it.

Last week my right ear was souring. It’s because of the new earrings I got for Eid, which I wore most of the times. But still I would wear them anywhere. Anyway, Today I woke up early, went out for some paperwork, got back home, did my chores, and started studying which didn’t last long. My parents got home, we had dinner and there I was lazily in front of the TV when I remembered that I still have my earrings on. I took them off and started rubbing my ears. I didn’t want to leave my earrings on the coffee table because I knew I would forget them SO I decided to wear them on again. I watched the X-files, Mom’s favorite show, and then F.R.I.E.N.D.S, my favorite show. Then “So you think you can dance” started and the pain was back. I took the earrings of and there was something wrong with my right ear. There was a one single hair that when I pull it made my ear aches. That’s when I asked my mother’s help to check it for me. That one single hair came out of my ear-pierce! The only idea I have is that when I wore the earring on again it must have stuck on it and got into the hole.

With the help of my parents; dad holding the megascopic, and mom pulling the hair, the operation was thankfully successful.

There you go lazy people. I believe this is a sign :P


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