Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wonderful Week With My Cousins

The following is a recap of my uncle's family visit (19-23/11/2008)

As much as last week was tiring, exhausting, hectic and crazy, IT WAS FUN.

My uncle's family came to visit us from Germany. His three sweet little kids are amazing. This was the fourth time for us to meet. The two boys and the sweet little girl are smart, loveable as well as naughty. Even though there are a lot of hotels in our area but my mother insisted on receiving them at our home. She wouldn't want to miss them not for an hour during their short visit.

The kids are taller and cuter now. You can't but love them. They are fluent in German and doing pretty well on understand Arabic but could do better on the speaking part (I have to admit they speak Arabic better than some Arab kids in UAE). At times they reply in German and think everybody can understand them. Thanks God I studied German for a while and I could catch a word and understand what they want but my poor sister kept telling them "in Arabic please" and they think she's joking!

Since it is very cold in German, and my uncle being a busy doctor, they hardly enjoy outdoors activities. Therefore, their visit to UAE is such a good time to do so. My mother assigned me to set a schedule for each day. I had to do phone calls and do some bookings here and there. Had to check websites and search for the best places to visit. And I was able to set, somehow, a good program for the week.

We arranged our schedule so the family would take a week off from work/schools to enjoy the reunion.

We drove to Um al-Quwain shortly after they arrived and checked in Flamingo resort to spend the night. The activities there included crab hunting, but unfortunately it was so cold and the tide was high that we couldn't catch as many crabs as we wanted. Actually only three guys from the group were able to do so. But we've seen how it goes. I stayed in the boat and enjoyed watching everything with my three little cousins.

Flamingo beach Resort

That was followed by a buffet and special crab dish for those who participated in the crab hunting. I tried it and it tasted like fish with a sweet taste.

Me introducing you to the first Crab I ever taste :)

We enjoyed jumping and playing on the green grass at night. My sister and I were 5 years old again. The place was empty and we almost had the entire resort for ourselves.

Next day was the beach day. It was too cold to swim. I enjoyed walking on the sand, collecting some shells while they tried some fishing and playing with sands. We checked out and went for sightseeing in Um al-Quwain. Then we passed by a nice place and we had to check what was it. It turned out to be another resort and we went in and took some photos. We thought we'll try boating but it was lunch break for workers there and we didn't want to waste time. Therefore, we drove back to Sharjah and enjoyed water jet skiing.

It was their first time to try jet skiing. Mine was the second. But after the long drive home and my sister being so not cool by trying some tricks gave me motion sickness and I forced her to take me ashore.

The third day was dedicated for some beach fun in Dubai but I didn't join the party. The next day was dedicated for Abu Dhabi. We went sightseeing here and there including Emirates Palace Hotel where there's an exhibition of new projects in Abu Dhabi. It was fun and I was one step away from camel back riding but everybody was scared and my uncle said that he tried it in KSA and it wasn't fun at all. Plus we were close to a donkey and a horse and the smell was horrible so I had to withdraw and leave that for another adventure.

On the schedule I dedicated a day for Sharjah's museums but things somehow that day got very messed up and we had the chance to visit only Sharjah Aquarium. Oh and we went horseback riding. This time my horse was Penny, a nice, cute white horse. This time I was very confident that I made Penny run all by myself.

Sharjah Aquarium

Two nights in a raw I told them the bedtime story "the rabbit and the turtle" (al arnab wa al sul7afat) which they two little ones pronounce it funnily as (al alnab wal sulfa7at). After jet skiing I helped their mom blowing their hair with the hairdryer. Such a hard job to keep a child to sit let alone stand still!

In Iraq, the child is not raised by his parents only; it's the job of the entire community. The extended family plays an important role, neighbors too. I believe my three little cousins have a thirst for interacting with family. I cannot help thinking of all those Iraqi kids being raised in different countries all around the world and what they have to miss about Iraq, the Iraq that we knew and spent our childhood. They enjoyed their visit and when I tease them and say "I'll keep you here and let your mom and dad go back to Germany" a certain look of eagerness shows on their faces but then they would say "No, you come and stay with us". And oh my how I wish to go and visit them in the near future.

That's all for now about me and my cousins!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hijri New Year/ My Sisters' Blogs

May this year bring

Happiness and less grief
Hope and not despair
World peace and less conflicts
Better health
Useful new technology
less death tolls because of wars, hunger and disease

Happy New Hijri Year

For Arabic-readers

on another note, I would like to congratulate my sisters for joining the blogsphere.
Here's my eldest sister blog "My Homelands", and here is sosa lola's blog "Words I wished I could have said", both in Arabic.

Good luck to you both :)

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pray for Gaza

I was writing about how I enjoyed the previous week with my uncle's family visit and I did finish writing and was about to publish it but the weather is so gloomy for that excitement. It felt silly to be happy about it. The news about Gaza is very frustrating. Seeing the black smoke arise in the sky of Gaza reminds me of videos of Baghdad that we saw only after the war was "over".

News about Iraq are not promising at all but I still have hope. I just have to.

The flu caught me again and maybe that's what's frustrating me the most.

I feel tragic. so here's what's going on my mind.

Grandma said: bring them after schools
I wish to see the sweet little ones.
Assured her once and twice she would
But somehow promises were never kept.

Black clouds arising in the air
As bombs invades the village
Gaza was never the same
Watching news is how we spent the day

Innocent kids horrified at schools,
Mother panicking looking for the children
Father never made it home
That's how they spent their day

Lunch turning to coals on the stove
Broken china shattered on the ground
Meals never served on tables
And that's how they spent their day

That's all for now
And pray for Gaza

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Monday, December 15, 2008

What's the News?

Is it possible that next press conference for Bush would be behind shoe-proof glass or they would just force journalists to take off their shoes!

Why am I thinking of that? Because of this. In case you still can't believe it! Here it is.

That's all for now but i'm sure there's gonna be much much more somewhere else.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Sort of Cheese Cake .. Still!

Just wanted to share this sort of cheese cake.


After many failed attempts, this is what mom and I came up with.

Actually this is supposed to be the German cheese cake, which is said to have yogurt! so it's technically yogurt cake. and it is baked in the oven and not left in the in refrigerator to cool.

after following the German recipe I suggested adding jello, according to a friend's advice for cheese cake. since we were adding strawberries so it made sense to add strawberry jello :) and this is the outcome!

It's not cheese cake still, but it was yummy that I could hardly save these tow pieces to take a photo.


Out of boredom...

OK OK! I'll admit it :| 7ashara is dull.. she's not even close to a pet. She's cold, self-centered and a boring creature. Let me give you an update about her. First she shrank up to half her original size. I haven't seen her eat for the last three days. and all she does is to pretend that she's dead!

Every now and then I remove the cover to check on her and I simply can't find her. I search under the soil and lettuce leaves and there she is like curled cat. If I project light on her she seems very energetic but only to escape and hide. Could it be that's her only activity? Or maybe she thinks I'm enjoy this "hide and seek" game?

Don't laugh at my handwriting.. I'm in bed with runny nose.

Yesterday I made pizza. too lazy to write about but let me at least brag about it.

Step one: ready made pizza dough, yogurt (grandma trick I learned from mom), tomato paste.

Posted by Picasa

Step two: adding slices of pepperoni, tomato, mushroom, pepper, onion.
Step three: adding mozzarella cheese.

That's when dad came and asked me to add green vegetables .. oh and I discovered that I don't have enough cheese! so I added parmesan cheese to three of them and cheddar cheese to the other three. And ready to go to the oven.


bad lighting


That's all for now

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Just wanted to wish you a blessed Eid

Now it's your turn :P

Earthquake.. Yet another One!

this time it was longer than the previous time. I hope it there won't be a disaster where it really hit.

check it here or here

really good links. and really updated!

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

7ashara* is Fine :D

7ashara broke my heart today, she looked dead and lifeless which freaked me out. I tried to move her but nothing worked. I was about to say goodbye and leave her to rest in the trashbin but after a while she surprised me and moved! She made up my day.

Oh 7ashara is my new pet.. she's an earthworm that I found in lettuce..

I'll post her photo soon :)


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Saturday, December 06, 2008


So Eid is coming. *thinking of Eid sweets* 
I'm studying .. or let me say still working on my thesis. I'm proud to say first draft is almost done. I'm working on the findings and recommendations part.

I have to start working on my second thesis ASAP

oh and it has been raining for two days now :D

I'm just checking the email address so I can post through email. 

how to lable this one {update, just life, personal???}

that's all for now.