Sunday, December 20, 2009

Green Leaf


I'm still working on my thesis. Progress is something obvious but I still need to speed up more than just a little. I'm rewarding myself and earning my hours in playing with clay in my atelier. This is a tile which I made for gardens. It's part of a collection. Can be hanged on walls or put under the water tab of gardends or just to step on between isles :)

That's all for now
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Hijri Year Prayers

I like to share this Hijri New Year wishes with you

The year has come to an end,
its sweetness and bitterness
happiness and sorrow

Here comes a new year
Therefore, let's start a new page for the new year
Don't look behind, that's a painful past
Nor at today, for it is present that would bother you
Nor forward, that's future would brings you insomnia

But look above, there's the Merciful God

Apologies to all those I did wrong unto, neglected or hurt unconsciously

That's all for now
Happy New Hijri Year :)


Monday, December 14, 2009


Saw this and kept thinking of the last question.

P.S Keep the volume low :)

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Anything But My Bathroom

So, the hour I spent today sterilizing my bathroom was unplanned. When jiddo (grandpa) came to visit last year, he stayed in my room and took over my bathroom. I spent about a year in the guest/maid/ laundry room or call it what you will. It's a small room with its bathroom where I spent most of last year studying and preparing for my previous thesis. Such a small room where I used to sit on my office chair and move from here to here, because there was no there.

Back to jiddo's visit. Or right after that, when I discovered the seat of toilet was a bit loose. I told my dad to inform the maintenance back then. then jiddo came to visit again and it was all forgotten. Then my sister Sana finished her study and came to live with us. With her first visit to the bathroom she fixed the loose seat! Thanks Sue :D

Last month I came from Jordan and found the seat loose again. Told dad to inform the maintenance department and next day they came and fixed it. Thanks BUT from that day I noticed spots of water, then bigger wet areas and my sister checked and said the tank is leaking. "So they fixed the seat to break the tank" I believe. We informed the maintenance and they sent a worker and oh my he said the tank is leaking! I thought "we told you so!"

So we waited almost two weeks! and today they sent Mr Know-How-To-Fix-Things and he did fix the tank. While Atta doing her mission of sterilizing the bathroom she discovered now the seat is terribly loose. So they came to fix the tank and break the seat!

First time I tried to flush the toilet an aircraft was in the air. But the sound was sort of coming from the tank! OMG then it landed there I think and a bomb sound was made to announce "the tank is Full" :S

What I am annoyed about is not the broken things or fixing them or the aircraft sound. I'm only annoyed about the idea of a stranger in my bathroom. You should see me, hiding inside my room telling dad to watch the man and not let him touch a thing. I never go in and never want to see someone there. A couple of times I would ask dad what did the worker exactly touch in the bathroom. Dad rolls his eyes and mumbles a couple of words and mention an OCDic friend and move on with his life, while I keep scrubbing every inch in the bathroom.

That's all for now
I wish dad can fix it

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No Thanks, I'm not listening to news for now

To study, to focus, to forget the world and sit down and write my thesis is not an easy thing to do. At time I forget myself reading, rereading and writing and editing. Then for a moment I feel I'm looking at a blank white board with a sound of silence that's too good if it lasts another 30 seconds without the AC noise coming back or a neighbor child's scream coming from the window, OR Aasi voice on TV. (don't get me started about this Turkish series my sister is watching).

Today, that sound of silence and meditating and focusing on a certain phrase I was trying to sculpture was broken by the news on the TV for a moment, then my sister voice, obviously calling Baghdad. I went out of my room and asked "what is it? where now?" only to hear my sister's choking voice telling me the update of the news in Baghdad.

"That's why" I said to myself "I've been blocking all news, tv and online, so I won't face the reality and look at my life in exile, just a trivial thing. So I won't think of my thesis a silly thing compared to real life events and stop studying"

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Handmade Iraq maps by attawie

That's all for now
Let's pray for Iraq

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Real Time Search!

This is beyond expectation!
I'm loving it!
wow wow wow

I could be over excited about it but Google is like my left hand and this is just amazing :)
That's all for now
Google will reveal more :D

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Monday, December 07, 2009


Another morning to wake up late and miss the walk to the lake. I'm disappointed but I hope I'll study more and make up for the early morning hours. I miss working on the wheel! I told myself if I finish this ammount of writing I'll reward myself and go to the atelier and work on the wheel. Let's see what will happen.

Meanwhile, I'm sharing this handmade plate which I made along with another bunch of plates but took me a while to glaze them and I'm still left with many biskit plates waiting to be coloured.


That's all for now
let's hope for more
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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Animator vs. Animation!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Seeking Fresh Air

It's been a week since I started my morning walks to the lake. It all started when R called and said "I'm going for a walk to the lake, please don't say you're busy studying or talking to Khalid". I rolled my eyes for sure but kept telling her I meant to walk to the lake this week but needed a merical to get me out of bed. She made fun about me supporting her for going to the lake and tried to make sure that I'm not saying complements or going to the lake just because it's officially called Khalid's Lake. (where I have to add a secret here that KJ and I are planning to go to the lake soon and add the phrase "and Atta" on the lake sing :D )

So off to the lake, with my cap and tennis shoes on, ten minutes and I'm there. Looking at the magnificent view; the bring sun, a blue sky with cotton candy white clouds here and there, the sound of the waves along with birds songs. It's still too early to feel the burning sun of UAE but yet not that early to feel the coldness of the early morning.

Forgetting my study and the burden it puts on my shoulders with every morning, which feels like a monkey hanging over my neck, I take my steps smiling at the wonderful morning and crossing my fingers wishing I would accomplish something today.

Now I'm going through a weird phase where I want to share all about my dreams and plans as well as the huge amount of inspiration I have for making new collection of ceramics. But I find myself confused whether to publish my work and art using Attawie or should I start an official blog with my full name to post. If I started a new blog for my art are would I link it to this personal blog? Do I want Attawie blog, my den, to be public to friends and family, here where I write my words right from my thoughts? Not sure yet, but until then I'll be sharing here.


That's all for now
let's wait for more
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Eid!


I know it's late but something is better than nothing :)
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