Monday, March 07, 2011

Still Tuned to Iraq News

I wonder why would the demonstration in north of Iraq is in the news and the rest of Iraq is not. Could it be that Maliki's hands could not reach to the reporters in the North?

Here's the piece of news about Sulaimanaiya

Photo: AFP – Iraqi Kurdish anti-government protesters march in the Iraqi Kurdish city of Sulaimaniyah on February

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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Update on Iraq's Situation These Days

Since the news are raining over our head from alBaghdadia news channel with no other source of news in Arabic OR English, I decided to spread their words and do further broadcasting to reach more people.

Two Fridays came and people in the Arab world and the rest of the world are clueless regarding what's going on. I don't know what happened to the media regarding Iraq. I know what's going on in Libya is something big but that doesn't mean to overlook other parts of the world.

Therefore, here's the link of al Baghdadia translated by Google Translate. And here are some of the headings:

You can find more on albaghdadia facebook page and the youtube chanel for videos uploaded by them and by eyewitnesses.

That's all for now but...
There's much going on in Iraq

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Rising Iraq

For over couple of weeks I felt jealousy and had a kind of enviness in my heart. Seeing Tunis trying to change reality and the deposition of their president made me dream. Watching news about Egypt and how the people believed in themselves and their faith that they can obtain their demand gave me faith.

My jealousy and envy, my dreams and faith were all clashing within me, raising the question "why?". Jealousy ruled my head for seeing people revolting against corrupted government. Envious fed my thought, wanting what we couldn't get. By that I mean honor. I dreamed of revolting Iraq to get rid of the occupation, to get rid of the corrupted government. The result of Tunis and Egypt made me have faith in the people again.

When I received forwarded emails written by Youth of February 25th, Iraqi writers and intellectuals, and Shalash the Iraqi's articles, alone with many messages, groups and links circulated via different social networks. All these letters encouraging the Iraqi people to rise and stand for their rights. All these letters set a list of demands. They all confirmed that they do not belong to a certain political party a group, or a region  and that they are all united by being Iraqis.

With unspoken anticipation I waited for Friday 25th.

The previous night I kept dreaming, thinking and praying for the best. I never imagined the government would do a single thing to harm the protesters. The worst scenario in my head was that the government would play the role of the democratic pro-people state and that they would support them but at the same time they would assign certain militias or gangster to harm the protesters or implement explosions here and there.

The Maliki did announce that it's not safe for protesters to go out in the streets since there will be "intruders" who would sabotage or harm the protesters.

But to my surprise, Friday came. the Army and security forces were hitting the protesters, using tear gas, in addition to live bullets, while helicopters flying low above people's head!

Is that all the democracy we have?!

I'm still full of hope that there will be more demonstration tomorrow and I'll pray for a better Iraq, a safer Iraq, and most definitely a peaceful Iraq.

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