Thursday, November 30, 2006


Every now and then my family and I call friends or relatives just to check how they are doing back in Baghdad. And when there are clashes or any bad event, which became more often these days, in a certain area we hurry to send text messages to check on them.

Lately, all the phone calls we made and the SMSs we sent shared the same three words. "Pray for us".

Yesterday we sent three SMSs to three of our cousins. We got the first reply after few moments says that they were OK up to now but only God knows what will happen as no one in his sane mind can think in such kind of environment.

The second reply scarred us before we read it, for it was written in six pages. The mobile kept updating the text message and we kept saying "Allah al Hafudh". Here is the text:

Dear ……..,
Thank God we are ok. But the situation in general is more than tragic. I believe that we have arrived at a stage of no return. Maybe you'll have to exchange your passports as there no longer is a country called Iraq. Hence, you'll have to obtain passports from either the Shia region or Sunni region. It is not worthy to mention that men entering these regions must be wearing head turban, and women in Booshi. It is also preferable to wear traditional slippers instead of regular shoes to avoid embarrassment, and "he who released his warning is not to be lamented if bad events take place. Regards to all.

عزيزتي ________,
الحمد لله نحن بخير و لكن الوضع العام اكثر من مأساوي. و اعتقد اننا بلغنا مرحله اللاعودة فلربما سيكون عليكم ان تبدلوا جوازات سفركم فلم يعد هناك بلد اسمه العراق و عليكم ان تحصلوا على جوازات من الاقليم الشيعي او السني. علما ان الدخول لهذه الاقاليم بالعمامة للرجال و البوشية للنساء و يستحسن لبس (المداس) بدل الحذاء راجين عدم الاحراج و قد اعذر من انذر. تحياتي للجميع.

The third message is still pending...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to Blogging

It has been so long since I wrote something. I don't mean on the blog but writing in general. It's been so long since I wrote a poem, a short story or even a thought. I had nothing going on to write about personally and I believed the news on TV, newspapers, websites and the whole media system are covering everything on the planet. With every piece of news there are "pro" people and "anti". Iraqi bloggers are covering almost everything even my own thoughts.

I had thoughts of quitting the blogging thing. It's not that I'm a famous blogger who has my own audience (with my respects to those who read me, especially the big fan in Alaska, I've been wondering for so long who could it be?). And I don't think what I write would make a big difference. But the idea of making this tiny difference may help my wounded country made me change my mind.
I started blogging just to write my thoughts and share them with others and it is a simple way to let the world know that Iraqis are just like any other human being on earth and what is going on in Iraq is unfair.

The only thing I wrote these passing days were flashbacks and everyday events stuck in my mind from pre- and post-war life. Because October 18th was the day I left Baghdad three years ago. I put these flashes and other ordinary stories in a framework of short stories that I intend to finish. I don't know when and I'm not in a hurry. I just want to sketch the right images.

In addition to all the reasons above, yesterday I received a long distance phoncall from one of my best friends G. she was updating me with her news which the SMSs couldn't convey and she asked me to write more often because she missed my posts. And she wants to know all about my study and compare it with the days we had at collage.

I'm glad to say it has been a year and two months since I started this blog. Though I had an idea of dedicating a post for this occasion but I'm glad to dedicate all my writings to all my friends, those who are away from me and those I met in the blogsphere, and I promise to be a more regular writer.

To Mary. Thanks for your sweet e-mail. I will be soon posting some clips from my diary about my journey to Jordan and Iraqi bloggers meetings.

Greetings for all

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just an Update

I think if it takes me this long to post, each time the opening paragraph would be "I have been away for a while from the blogsphere" or so.

Anyway, I just wanted to update the page with my news the other day and nothing worked. I published the same post twice and still nothing at all.

This is what I wrote:
"Today will be my first day as a postgraduate student. I'm a student in Preston University. No, not in the States, in UAE. It's a one year MBA program. Wish me luck.

Last week we had sculpturing exhibition in the institute of art in Sharja, where I took Art courses. I still can't upload photos. Maybe later."

So, that what I wrote.
Today's update is that I started my classes and it seems interesting so far. I have nothing to do with business and it would be an extraordinary experience for me to convert from literature field to the business world.

Oh and by the way, I still can't upload photos. This is driving me crazy.

Take care all