Saturday, May 20, 2006

Untill then...

I thought I would post some of my paintings here untill I'll post something real. this is my first oil painting. I hope you'd like it

I miss blogging.

Monday, May 15, 2006

An Art Course, again

Last week, I started my third semester. I'm back to Art School. Evening classes are almost empty. Only three student for the first level, two for the second and guess what???
I’m the only student in level three.

It was fun to take these classes. I signed for painting and there were other classes that I had to take, sculpturing, ceramic, history of art.

I liked all the classes and I liked sculpturing the most. But I had to choose Painting as a major because it's what I originally signed for and it's easy to get the tools but other majors I have to buy the clay, which is not available everywhere.

I'm taking:
8 hours per week Painting
3 h.p.w Sculpturing
3 h.p.w Ceramic
1 h.p.w History of Art

Here is my first exercise in drawing. That was October 2005. I'll post other works soon. It's just to give an idea about my work.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Pieces of a Memory

I was having my breakfast yesterday around 10 when I saw some familiar waves and a boat on TV. Immediately, raised the volume and started to sing with the song:

[L] is for the way you look at me,
[O] is for the only one I see,
[V] is very, very extraordinary
[E] is even more than anyone that you adore.

It's the movie I've seen ten times before, but not alone, with my younger sister. When we rented this movie, we watched it three times or maybe more, I can't remember. But what I am sure about is that when we took the CD back to the store we bought a copy. It was "The Parent Trap" staring by Lindsay Lohan

That summer, whenever some one came to visit we would never let them go out without watching at least few scenes from this movie. We memorized the script, the songs and the gestures they make, and each time we watch it, we discover something new.

The years went by and we grew up. Years had come and gone and we are never the same. It was 10 am and there's no way on earth I would start the day with watching a movie I've seen many many times before. I finished my breakfast and did not move. Sitting and watching the movie and thinking of telling my sister to watch the movie too but she was not only in her class at collage at the time but also in a different country.
Few days ago, My little sister became 21 years old. I still can't believe it.
Happy birthday sis :)

I sat in front of the television, watching that movie, remembering how it was fun. Though we used to drop some tears when Halley and Annie discover they were twins, and some other tears when they meet the parents. Today, I saw the movie and shed a tear each five minutes or less. Tears for the family reunion, and tears for each time one of the characters knew the identity of who was that little girl. I cried when the nanny cried. I cried when they started to eat Oreos with peanut butter. I even cried when I heard the song:
"There she goes
There she goes again
Racing through my brain
And I just can't contain, this feeling that remains

My little sister and I loved the lizard scene. It's a scene when one of the twins puts a lizard on their father's fiancé's head without her noticing it and then start to teas her until she gets angry and starts shouting. With her mouth wide open, the lizard crawls to her face and enters here mouth. My sister and I would start jumping and screaming from the moment the little girl carries the lizard up to the end of the scene. We just wanted the scene to end but the moment it ends, we would rewind the scene and watch it all over again and again. It was the best scene to tease our eldest sister. We would call her and beg her to watch something with us and surprise, the creature she hates the most on earth is the hero of the scene.

This movie took me back years and years to the past. For two hours, I felt I was watching this movie sitting here on this couch but my soul was watching this movie in the small room where my sister and I used to play video games and watch movies at our home back in Baghdad.
It was as if I was still the same kid watching the movie with tears in her eyes up to the last few words and the song would end with:

This will be
An everlasting love
This will be
The one I've waited for
This will be
The first time anyone has loved me.

A couple of months I became 23, last week my little sister became 21. We both grew up and had to go on with our lives but I believe that there are things in the world that make us feel like children. No matter how old we grew, remembering old days whether they were good or bad, happy or sad, silly or mad, we would laugh about it and enjoy these pieces of a memory.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Across the Road

Carrying her books with her tiny hands,
Counting steps back home from school,
Her pigtailed hair swinging as she moves.
Remembering every advice her mom says:
"Look left and right before you cross"
Never forgetting her father's words:
"Not to talk to any stranger on the road".

She walks smiling to some kittens down the street
And begged her friends not to pebble one.
Singing songs how to be smart and strong
She and her colleagues learned at school.

Looking left and right before I cross,
Not to talk to any stranger on the road.

Her school was few blocks away.
The neighborhood was calm in a way.
The eyes of mothers peeked a lot
From windows, fences and attics.
To make sure their children are back.
Children walked like floating angels
Spreading joy in every avenue, they walk:

Looking left and right before they cross
Not to talk to any stranger on the road.

Bang, a tremendous sound pound
Scattered books from the kids' tiny hands.
They ran in panic to each other's arms
To comfort and find consolations.
They all walked in the street
And she alone on the sidewalk
She thought she would be safe.
But alas, it was her end, it never helped:

Looking left and right before she crossed
Not to talk to any stranger on the road.

Only blooded books reached home
And the ribbon that tied her pigtail.
Her mom saw the disaster from the roof
Couldn't help but crying her infant,
Who walked peacefully round the world
Never expecting a bomb down the road.
She gone mad for her child
Disregarding everything she knew.
Was is fate or a mistake she done
To be deprived form her six-years child?
She tried to protect her baby girl yet didn't help:

Looking left and right before one cross
Neither not to talk to any stranger on the road

April 28, 2006

Any criticism???