Friday, July 22, 2011

My Amazing Year Update :)

Five weeks back my atelier's equipment arrived to Jordan. But with  that arrival, another long awaited gift arrived; our new addition to the family; Karam.

Nine months back when KJ and I were on a trip in south Saudi Arabia we discovered we were pregnant. I don't want to talk about pregnancy and the morning sickness which turned out to be all time sickness. And don't want to talk about the aches and changes I went through, nor the miserable two days labor I went through, nor the delivery. I want to talk about this blood-stained creepy creature that came out of me whom I was longing to hold before I met him and fell in love with since the very moment he laid his head on my shoulder in the delivery room and I saw the dark blue eyes.

The other day I told KJ that if anyone thinks women wait for their babies for nine months then they are wrong. Women wait for their babies since the very doll they played with.

When I look into Karam's eyes with his hands clutching to my finger thinking of how helpless he is and depending  on me totally. This idea freaks the hell out of me. Who am I to be someone to depend on in everything? Now that my world revolve around him, I feel I am the one who's depending on him. My timing, my activities, and my everything,when to shower, when to eat, all about him.

The feeling that half of this baby is me and he was growing inside of me is so unexplained.

Yesterday, we celebrated my sweet little boy becoming one month old. Tomorrow we're celebrating KJ's and I first anniversary It's unbelievable how one's life can change within a year. I got married, lived in three different countries, went to more than 6 different cities, gave birth, and experienced many firsts. I guess that's life and that's why I'm still the simple girl with complicated thoughts and have lots of things to learn.

That's all for now
Can't wait to live the rest

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Idea to Remember & A Great Jell-O Recipe

It's been a long time since I wrote a real update. A lot of changes took place lately and a lot will change soon. I had a tiring mission that kept me busy for the last couple of months (which will write about later). So I'll just start from today and will try to make up for the missing pages in this blog.

While I was checking creative recipes for jelly sweets I came across this amazing very simple recipe on justJENN recipies blog

I'm still not sure from where to get unflavored gelatin. I'll have to put condensed milk on the next shopping list.

I've been lazy lately and was postponing baking the chocolate cake KJ was craving.

When I was checking the recipe blog I found this cute stickers for kids' sandwiches to remind them to attend certain classes or to remember certain things. I thought now we need the same stickers with the signature "Love, Wife" so husbands won't get forgetful. To tell you the truth, all the shopping lists I prepare for KJ I get on the same day if not within an hour. On the contrary, he adds more to the shopping list and I end up with "Did I ordered 3 different chocolate bars?" or "Do we need four types of juice?" and the list gets longer O_O

Maybe I should stick papers in his pocket saying "Stick to the shopping list. Love-wife"

That's all for now
and I'll keep posting from my drafts until I have time to write an update
Written on 27/12/2010

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