Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Mouth of Abyss

Rebellious words escape my pen
Refusing to be imprisoned on paper.
Asking me to wage a war
Against stupidity and failure.
There’s no place left for sanity
There’s no place for peace.
Time is eating up our minds
Persuading us to watch in silence.
If it’s not the blood we see in the street
Then for the cry of a child.
The sky is gloomy and sad
Exhaust its tears for Baghdad.
The poet is left without a word
The painter is left without a brush
The sweet butterflies have no meadows
Nothing left for beauty
Nothing left for but sorrow.
Death has marched into the cities.
Plague has roamed the earth.
Nothing left for wisdom
Reason has kissed us goodbye.

You asked me “Is there a way to help?”
I told you “Can the Helpless offer help?”
You’re already paralyzed by fear,
Or is the hunger?
O Time, o Arms of Hours
Release us from your Canines
And let us be.
Save me time to go back to Baghdad
To go back to the gardens of Babylon
Just to have another look on Malweya
To swim once again in Tigris and Euphrates.
Save us time to enjoy Nawrooz
To fly back in time to the Scientists of Mustansiria.
Release us from the chains
Release us from the rope.

Dangled with the rope of misery
Over the mouth of Abyss.
The Darkness of the night has filled my heart with fear
Where to escape and where to go?
Shall I say goodbye like the millions
Shall I say goodbye and leave for the unknown
What about the heritage of the nation
Who will defend the Zaqurat?
It’s the sounds of Minarets…
The bells of Churches…
They are all calling me
Hanging on to me.
I hear them say “Don’t leave”
O Time, o deceitful Hours
Have you no shame, have you no honor?
This is where the First Letter was written
This is where the First Law was written
This is where Men invented the Wheel
This is where Women were first honored.
O The Cradle of Civilizations
You have become the grave of civilizations.

2007-09-05 1:30

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


It so hard to believe that the disease I read about only in history and Biology books is still alive and where? In Iraq! As if Iraqis don’t have enough rproblems.
When I hear the word cholera, the only thing that comes to my mind is “Love in The Time of Cholera” . But Cholera here is not about Love symptoms; it’s the real fatal disease. The one we studied in Biology class, with simple diarrhea that causes 50% death. The Cholera that we read about in history books, when cities are falling down and they are troubled and plagued with poverty.
There were days when I thought that everything will be fine very soon and I’ll go back to Iraq and move on with my life. But those optimistic days are rear now. Every now and then something shocking comes up and washes away all hopes and innocent dreams of mine. It gives me an imagery where problems are seaweed and every now and then they come to the surface.
To stop following the news was the only solution I found few months back. But still, bad news flies so fast and everywhere that you cannot avoid. At the same time I feel guilty I’m not aware of what’s going on in Iraq and the hard times that my country is undergoing.

WHO has announced “10 Sep” and updated “14 Sep” the news about Cholera in Iraq and declared that “In controlling the spread of cholera WHO does not recommend any special restrictions to travel or trade to or from affected areas.” So it’s all about traveling and trading and as long as you can do both then life is still going on. How ironic!

I happen to read a post on a blog I never heard about before where readers were commenting and having an interesting discussion.

In a chilling reminder of how difficult it may be to maintain those levels, Dr. Mohsin said that chlorine imports had been severely curtailed as a result of recent insurgent bombs that had been laced with chlorine, which in concentrated form can be deadly.”!!!

One of the comments there was
I guess ethnic cleansing was a bad choice of words.
Ramamdi had a population of 435,000 before our invasion, now it looks deserted.
Considering Jordan and Syria now have more Iraqi citizens living there than al Anbar province, why is "peace" there such a "success."
We can't depopulate all of Iraq.” Posted by: alphie | September 12, 2007 at 08:09 PM”

So the US administration or whoever that may be, imposes hypotheses and made their nation believe that Iraq is such a threat, and now Iraqis need democracy. We have this Iraqi proverb that means “they lie and believe their lies”. Peace among Iraqis was never a problem.

What will be the result of “Divide & Rule” thing over the years? The longer it takes the harder it gets. What will be of a country that bled through ages and still bleeding until this moment? Those I guess are questions only history will answer. And still we don’t know who will write this history to know if it was true or just glorified mistakes.

Away from history and questions we are uncertain about their answers; what about the innocents? Those poor people who suffered and still suffering; those who carry pain as much as they carry pride. May God help them.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I may have said it many times earlier that I don’t talk politics or religion issues but every now and then something tempts me to break this little rule of mine. In my previous post I didn’t talk about religion. I only highlighted how ignorant people could be lead by Machiavellian villain, whether in the name of justice, democracy or religion.
Unfortunately, there was a comment written anonymously, saying that “everyone should convert to Christianity”.

Mr. /Ms Anonymous, I wouldn’t say dear. I don’t know you. I’m not sure you understood my point of view. How dare you accuse Islam for those ignorant people? I dare to say that you know nothing about Islam or Muslims. And let me say that you know almost nothing about Christianity and what has been done in the name of Christianity and Corporal Mortification.

I was talking about self torture in the name of religion and how some people believe that God will forgive their sins if they suffer. Let me say that long before Islam, Christian did self-torture themselves, and long before Christian did that other pagan believers like Fire worshipers, Hindus and others also did the same.
It’s a false belief which was popular many centuries ago. And every new religion faced heretical adaptation from the previously governing religion. You may have to examine the first Christian who performed this act, if you ever heard of The Canterburyand, Becket? doesn't ring a bell?

Why should Muslims convert to Christianity when we are satisfied with our religion and happy and thank God everyday that we were born Muslims? I believe you need to check who you’re talking to and addressing these lines before you click publish.

One of the basic elements of believing in Islam is to believe in the previous prophets and holly books. This is a fact I cannot negotiate because I am a devoted Muslim. But the interesting point, in our Holly Qur’an there are many verses that say the previous holly books were interpolated. Therefore I wouldn’t take your advice and believe in everything written in the Bible.

I’ve read many lines from the Old testimony and read the illustrated Bible, and part of my study of literature I had to recall many psalms, not just to see the difference but because I’m interested in culture, history and religion and their effects on Human in general. I’m glad to say that when reciting Qur’an I have no doubts, as Qur’an supports many scientific facts that new science has just proved right. Simply go back to Galileo and the Center of the Universe little story.
I suggest before you throw your comments here and there about how Muslims should convert to Christianity, go and read a bit about Islam. And when I say Islam I mean the Holly Qur’an and not the new books which are being written now to distort the image of Islam and link it to terrorism.

My apologies and respect to my Christian friends who may read this post. But I believe you know me when it comes to Islam and how some people take the chance to attack my religion.

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