Tuesday, October 08, 2013

If You Lose Something...

It is one of KJ Jr's favorite games. Hide and seek but with stuff. He hides things without us knowing and when we need them thing we are doomed. This is where he hid the meter. We really need it since we're still organizing the house. Wish us luck to find other lost stuff that we don't even know they are lost even!
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Monday, October 07, 2013

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Coming to Life

Hello? Anybody here? It seems so calm in here.


It's been a really long while now. I miss blogging I miss sharing. I miss the sense of blogging and blogsphere. You know what? Facebook is taking over blogs and a busy life too.

Lots of stories and lots of things going on, and as usual, promises to share all over three thousands photos that I've taken during my absence which end up sitting my my external memory to disappear from my actual memory.

Recently we moved to a new flat. we sacrificed the city view for a backyard :D
KJ jr is enjoying it. We have TREES and visiting cats and birds and plenty of butterflies. KJ Jr is going to kindergarten. It's too early but he is doing great. I checked the nurseries and didn't like them since he seems much advanced than kids in his age. He knows the alphabet (English and Arabic) and numbers (both languages too), shapes and we're still struggling with colours. one day he knows them all the second he is insisting everything is green or red :\

We are still furnishing. everything is almost done except the living-room. and two curtains to go. I have so many plans for wall decors and Jr's room. It's been two months since we moved but Jr started school only two weeks back. So I wasn't free to organize everything. The kitchen seems settled somehow. Our bedroom too. This is our entrance. hopefully sharing photos with you will get motivated to finish earlier.
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