Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So I had that naughty wisdom tooth extracted. Let me tell you how it went:

Woke up, took a shower, had a cheese sandwich, brushed my teeth. oh silly me not that part!!! ok ok stepped into the car, dad drove, reached the clinic, grandpa and I went in, stepped into the clinic... what not that part !!! oh, it's alright. My fault.

Dr. Ahmed received me with a smile, asked me if dad or jido are coming in for support. I answered no. My sister Sosa jumped into my mind. She was there for me during both operations 2005. but this time I don't need anyone. We had a chitchat about the situation in Iraq and how it's getting hard to get a visa to Jordan. We remembered the last time I visited him in his clinic in Baghdad.

Obviously he wanted to ease my mind with his talk because he's not a big chatter and he rarely talks when I pay him a visit. Last time I went which was about three months back I had a sore in my mouth which was killing me. A year back he changed three fillings. oh and those new ones are white ceramic and hard to be noticed.

Back to the subject. I've always liked the patient's chair at the dentists but this one is cooler than any chair ever. It even has a TV screen which makes you feel like sitting in a spaceship. To tell you how it went: Sat on the chair, it was lifted up, glided a bit to the back, I opened my mouth, Dr sprayed anesthesia spray, then came the needle (which I closed my eyes in order not to see, that's the only part that freaks me out, therefore, I don't want to see it so I won't have to feel it, a self denial thing). Dr Ahmed asked me to close my mouth a bit, did something and asked me to wash my mouth.

Straightened the chair, Dr Ahmed said something I couldn't get, was it "Done" or "that's all about it" I didn't get it because my eyes were stuck on that big tooth while still stunned and asked him "You took it out?!!! wow" He gave me instructions about how to deal with the post extraction treatment and food. Before I leave he explained to me how it went on a big poster hanging on the wall.

I can't wait to eat vanilla pudding : )

I'm sitting with a frozen broad beans bag on my cheek because the Mozzarella bag didn't last but few minutes, oh i mean because I forgot to put the icebag in the freezer : )

That's all for now


Monday, May 26, 2008

Some Unnecessary Wisdom

It was summer 2005, after graduation, when I had two operation to get my three wisdom teeth extracted. It was awful during and after the extraction. I'm not the kind of people who would complain about going to the dentist. It could be because I had the best dentist on earth ever. I'm not joking about that. But I go to the clinic, sit, open my mouth, forget completely why my mouth is widely open, close my mouth and leave. what a happy experience.

Dr Ahmed had a clinic in Harithiya area in Baghdad. We knew him since forever because his parents are my grandparents' neighborers. Since the 7th grade I haven't been to any other dentist. He had a big fish tank next to the patient chair where you can forget the entire world and enjoy looking at it. Even though I don't remember it was there after the war. Dr Ahmed's clinic was the last place I visited before leaving Baghdad. He left Baghdad after that and we met him briefly in Amman when he was trying to get visa to some other place on earth.

When I needed to get my wisdom teeth extracted 2005 he wasn't there. I had to go to my uncle's friend, a Jordanian dentist who studied in Germany. I'm not used to say bad things about people therefore I'm not going to write anything about that experience other than "the operation looked like putting your feet against the wall to pull the stuck door open". Do you get the picture?!

I had to stop eating about two weeks or more because the operation took two sessions, an entire week between them, and I had to reschedule and push the second session another three days. The bottom line I lived on yogurt drink, cold banana flavored milk, cold coco drink, and after a while I started to drink soups.

Destiny played its part and I came to UAE to find that Dr. Ahmed is settled down in Sharjah and his clinic is only ten minutes away from our place. and that's where I'm scheduled to have my fourth wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow morning 10 AM.

Wish me luck and send me recipes for fresh drinks that I can make use of during the coming week :)

I have this list:
1. Yogurt drink (ready and canned by Milco)
2. Avocado-lemon-yogurt drink (which I invented, oh and it's not sweet.. I add salt instead)
3. Carrot-orange juice
4. Coco drink

As for meals:
1. Broccoli soup
2. Cream caramel
3. Puddings
4. oh and definitely mashed potatoes at a later stage :D

Isn't odd to have four wisdom teeth when they say it rarely come out. I still have the other three in a small box that when I was trapped in heavy metal thought I would make accessories out of them. imagine tooth earing or necklace!

That's all for now

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Sosa-Lola

She’s this cute, childish, loveable, funny, spontaneous, smart girl, not because she’s my sister but because for some mysterious reasons, it’s helpless not to fall for her or not to like her. She Sosa lola, my youngest sister. No matter how old she gets, we see her as we’ve always knew her “noq6a” (a dot or a point)

I can go on and on talking about how we enjoy our times together but you’ll never get the picture. We invented games, invented words. We made practical jokes, we made fun of everything. .We wrote songs together and we wrote movies, but above all we had our own way to sing. It’s this silly kind of singing that makes anybody who listen to us drop down laughing. I would sing and she would add the beats and tempo in a very funny way, moving her hands as if she’s drumming. Oh how I miss her.

One of the games we invented was “khamsha mino yukhmosh awal?” don’t worry, you won’t find any of these words in a dictionary. Simply because they are made up. “khamsha” from “khashim” (=nose) and a driven fake verb “yukhmosh”, “mino” (=who), and awal (=first). So the game is “who would snatch other’s nose first?” We were in kindergarten when we invented the game. And the best place for us was our parents’ bed. We would lift our hands straight up vertically and say “khamsha mino yukhmosh awal?” And that’s when all the fun begins. Many times the game ended with a fight or at least one of us crying.

Sosa has a major crush for Tigger.Oh yes, of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh family. She made the entire family along with her friends fall in love with this creature. She considers him her pet. Unfortunately Tigger the Tigger and Tigger The Baseball Player are with me now and not with Sosa. She only has Tigger the Baby. Hopefully the entire family reunion will be the coming August. Pray for them :)

The “noq6a” is graduating this summer inshalla. She’s studying Finance and Banking. From the 9th grade, Sosa made up her mind and decided she doesn’t want to waste her time on chemistry and physics nor on geography and history. She wanted something she liked way much better: Business. She was the first one in the family who would say it firmly that if she won’t go to a commercial school she won’t study at all. Amazingly, she made this precedent decision and she graduated from her commercial high school as one of the top 10 students. That year, she spent it alone with my father in Baghdad. She refused to leave Baghdad even with the worst situation to live let alone to study, even after my eldest sister, my mother and I left Baghdad. Dad had to stay with her so she would be able to graduate.

To Sosa, the bravest tinny girl I’ve ever known, I want to say Happy Birthday. May all her wishes (the good ones ha ;) ) come true. May God bless you, guide you and lighten your way.

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